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"Volunteer Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement Template - Volunteering Qld"

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3 pages

A confidentiality agreement is a legal contract between parties, where at least one of the parties expresses willingness not to disclose certain information. This is a three-page Volunteer Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement template from an Australian volunteer organization.

"One-Way Nondisclosure Agreement Template"

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2 pages

This is a two-page one-way non-disclosure agreement template between a company and a person to whom the company will disclose information. Use this form to protect sensitive information or ideas with this template.

"Employee Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Template"

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1 page

This document - the employee non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement - is a one-page template signed by an employee who agrees not to disclose the company's trade secrets.

"Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement Template"

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3 pages

This is a three-page business confidentiality agreement. The legal document defines terms used in this agreement and specifies the receiving party’s obligation to keep the trade secrets confidential, even if acquired through a third party.

"Non-disclosure Agreement Template" - Arizona

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Size: 71 KB
2 pages

This non-disclosure agreement comes from Arizona. It is a general legal document that includes most common provisions that most business individuals expect to see.

GSA Form SF-312 "Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement"

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Size: 1 MB
2 pages

"Confidentiality, Non-disclosure & Non-compete Agreement Template"

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Size: 11 KB
1 page

"Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement Template"

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Size: 88 KB
2 pages
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