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An Employee Incident Report is a document used for reporting any issues or accidents occurring in the workplace. These incidents might include illnesses, injuries, property damage, etc. The incident can be reported even if it did not cause damage, but had the potential to do so.

The Employee Incident Report form is completed by the participant of the incident and their supervisor and usually contains information about the reporting employee, the time and place the incident occurred, and provides a detailed description of the event. A report may have physical evidence attached to the actual form - such as photographs, slips or checks - and may contain names of the people involved people or witnesses. If the report contains a description of an injury or illness, the participant of the incident should authorize the release of their medical information for the sake of the investigation. 

Employee Incident Reports are necessary for identifying hazards early and preventing serious damage and help facilitate the process to ensure that all necessary information will be provided. It is important to file a report as soon as possible to compile all the information related to the event. The completed report is submitted to the supervisor. After the supervisor reviews the report, the issue is investigated and corrected. The final step is to prepare recommendations for preventing future incidents.




Form HR549 "Workplace Violence Incident Report" - North Carolina

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2 pages

This Workplace Violence Incident Report is from North Carolina. It is a two-page Department of Public Safety form with detailed information fields for the reason and type of an incident.

"Employee Incident Report Form - Hr Wise Llc"

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Size: 56 KB
2 pages

This is an employee incident report template from an HR services company. It contains one page to document most basic information on the incident and another page for additional notes.

"Employee Grievance Report Form"

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Size: 36 KB
1 page

This employee grievance report needs to be signed by the employee and their supervisor. A grievance is a complaint (against a company in this case) caused by a situation or condition that a person thinks is unfair, unjust or inequitable.

"Incident Report Form - Catholic Church Insurance"

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Size: 147 KB
3 pages

This insurance company incident report template contains three pages of a detailed description of an incident or illness, including information fields for property damage or loss.

"Incident Report Template"

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Size: 252 KB
1 page

An incident report form is used to document an incident as soon as it occurs, whether it is big or small. It is used for work, school, or project management environments. This template is the most basic one-page version.

"Employee Safety Incident Report Form" - Maine

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Size: 38 KB
2 pages

This employee safety incident report form is from Maine with instructions provided on the first page of the two-page table. It is to be used by employees to document their workplace illnesses and injuries.

"Employee's Incident Report Form - Montgomery County Schools"

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Size: 28 KB
1 page
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"Employee Incident Report Template"

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1 page
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"Employee Occupational Incident Report Template"

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1 page
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"Employee Counseling Form - Tricore"

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