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"Indemnification Agreement Template"

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4 pages

This is a type of legal contract between two parties that holds one party responsible for the damage or loss suffered by the other party and specifies compensation that will be available for the negative occurrences.

"Hold Harmless Agreement Template"

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3 pages

A Hold Harmless Agreement is a legal contract in which one party releases another party from legal or financial responsibility

"Contractor Warranty Form"

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1 page

A Contractor Warranty is a typed or handwritten document completed and signed by the contractor who guarantees that their construction project will be created in a workmanlike manner and will meet safety and quality standards universally accepted by the building and construction industry.

"Guarantee Agreement Template"

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This document acts as an official pledge listing a third party (known as the guarantor) who will ensure payment of a debt will be fully repaid to the creditor.

"Release of Liability Form"

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This is a document through which one party (called the releasor) waives the liability of another party (called the releasee).