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What Are Articles of Organization?

Articles of Organization is a document that outlines the necessary statements for establishing a limited liability company (LLC) in many U.S. states. Other names for the document include a certificate of formation, certificate of organization, and corporate charter. The reason why small businesses choose to form limited liability companies is mainly to protect their assets.  The owners or members of an LLC file for the Articles of Organization to limit personal liability while allowing profits and losses to be transferred directly to their members. Members can be any type of legal entity (individuals, partnerships, or corporations).

Alternate Names:

  • Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Company;
  • Articles for LLC.

Although the requirements for the contents of the Articles of Organization vary in different states, most states have certain unique filing requirements for establishing a new LLC. When you browse through our Articles of Organization templates provided below, it is important to watch out for the state you pick to make sure you have the proper documentation required by your state authorities.

Articles of Organization Vs. Articles of Incorporation

The state requires a newly established company or corporation to file the Articles of Organization. Limited liability companies must file Articles of Organization and corporations complete Articles of Incorporation, where the businesses are listed state by state with the goal to let the local government know about their intention to do business there.

Requirements for forming an LLC or corporation differ by state as does the information needed to complete the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation. The owners of a corporation are called the shareholders. Their reason for filing for the Articles of Incorporation is to organize their business as a corporation in order to limit personal liability. Their corporation is so-to-say a fictional person responsible for the actions of the business. 

How to File Articles of Organization for an LLC?

As mentioned above, each state has its own laws in regard to what is needed for the Articles of Organization. Normally, a business is required to provide its name, the address, and name of its registered agent, the address of its principal office, if different from that of the agent, and the duration of formation, which may be indefinite (perpetual). Additional information that may be required includes the contact information for members, structure of the business, purpose of the company, cover letters, and any other specific documentation.

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