Fill and Sign DD 1387 Forms

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What DD Form 1387 Series?

The DD 1387 Forms are a two-piece set of documents used for address markings on all shipment units of Department of Defense (DoD) cargo. The two forms are:

Military Shipping Labels

Cargo shipments from the DoD facilities must use DD Form 1387 and DD Form 1387-2 to mark the items being shipped. The information on the labels may be printed, coded, partially bar-coded, or typed manually. Manually completed labels must be readable to the personnel handling the cargo. The completed labels may be tied, wired, or otherwise fastened to the packaging or attached to the shipping label. The outside containers of classified or sensitive shipments moving by military-controlled aircraft must not disclose the classified or protected nature of the cargo being shipped.

When shipping classified or protected items, the shipper must notify the transshipping activity - the Consolidation and Containerization Point (CCP) or Port of Embarkation (POE) - or the clearance authority for surface export shipments. Additional information and all applicable filing guidelines can be found in MILSTAMP, DOD 4500.32-R, Volume 1.



DD Form 1387 "Military Shipment Label"

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Use this form to mark all military shipments, including the shipments of equipment and vehicles. All cargo must be labeled with this document label for a deployment or redeployment of a unit.

DD Form 1387-2 "Special Handling Data/Certification"

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This is a form is required for any classified, hazardous military cargo and for any shipment that requires special handling. Use it to provide instructions on handling of a specific item during shipment, dispatch and transportation.