DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (Saar)

What Is DD Form 2875?

DD Form 2875, System Authorization Access Request is a form used for registering names, signatures and other identifying information of individuals looking to access the Department of Defense (DoD) systems and data. The purpose of gathering the information is to evaluate and assess the eligibility of the individual or individuals seeking access.

The latest edition of the form - often incorrectly referred to as the DA Form 2875 - was released by the DoD in August 2009 with all previous editions being obsolete. An up-to-date fillable DD form 2875 is available for online filing or download below.

The system authorization access request has to be filled before any access to DoD data is granted to the applicant. The request may be filed and submitted either digitally or physically.


Download DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (Saar)

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DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (Saar)
DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (Saar)
DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (Saar)
DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request (Saar)

DD Form 2875 Instructions

  1. Select the type of your request: initial, modification, deactivate. If you don't have a current MDR/SCE user account or user id, choose initial as your option. Date the form. Fill in the system name, location and the date of the request.
  2. Part I of the form is to be filled by the individual requesting access to the data. It requires their personal and contact information: their name, organization, department, phone number, job title, rank or grade and an official mailing address.
    The requestor must also indicate their citizenship and military status. If the requested information requires the person seeking the access to have completed certain training, the requestor must indicate whether they meet the given requirements. Certify Part I of the form by signing it in the provided box.
  3. Part II of the form is for the administrative agency or sponsoring party. This part consists of the following:
    • The justification for access, which is a brief explanation of reasons for granting access to the Department's data.
    • The type of access and the category of required information (classified, unclassified or other)
    • Access expiration date;
    • Personal information of the supervisor.
  4. Part III is filled by the security manager in cases when additional security matters are needed to provide access. This part provides details on the type and date of investigation, clearance level, IT-level designation, name and phone number of the security manager and the date of filing. The security must certify Part III with their signature.
  5. Part IV is completed by the authorized staff in charge of preparing account information.

After the DD 2875 is completed by the authorized parties, the form is to be submitted to the approval authority. The requestor should keep the record of the form for further reference if any additional authorization requests will take place in the future.

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