DA Form 7419-3 Army Family Action Plan (Afap) Program

DA Form 7419-3 - also known as the "Army Family Action Plan (afap) Program" - is a United States Military form issued by the Department of the Army.

The form - often mistakenly referred to as the DD form 7419-3 - was last revised on August 1, 2007. Download an up-to-date fillable PDF version of the DA 7419-3 down below or look it up on the Army Publishing Directorate website.


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For use of this form, see AR 608-1; the proponent agency is ACSIM.
with an asterisk *)
10000.1 An annual installation AFAP Training and Planning Conference is conducted that includes a general demographic cross-section
of local community Soldiers, retirees, DA civilians, family members and tenant organizations who convene at one location to evaluate,
prioritize and report to leadership issues of well-being concern that have been solicited from the community. CAT 2 (5 points)
*Review DA Form 7255 (AFAP Program Management Report) and conference after-action report to determine that an AFAP conference is
conducted annually. (2 points)
Review DA Form 7255 and conference after-action report to determine that delegates represent a general cross-section of the community:
Military members and spouses comprise the greatest portion of delegates, unless there is a compelling demographic reason otherwise
(state reason).
Military member and spouse conferees do not greatly out number one another.
There are more enlisted military members and spouses than officers and officer spouses.
Married and single Soldiers are represented.
Active Army, National Guard, Reserve Component, Retirees, Youth, and DA civilians are represented.
Dual military parents, sole parents, and surviving spouses are represented.
Tenant organizations are represented. (2 points)
*Review DA Form 7255 and conference after-action report to determine that senior installation, unit commanders and/or garrison command
staff are involved in the AFAP forum process. (1 point)
10000.2 Issues are solicited year round for the annual AFAP Planning and Training Conference. CAT 2 (5 points).
Review issue files/archives. (2 points)
Review solicitation material. (1 point)
*Review local SOP. (2 points)
10000.3 Facilitators, recorders, transcribers, and issue support persons (FRTIs) and delegates are trained on conference process and
issue development. CAT 2 (5 points)
Review lesson plans/training materials. (2 points)
Review evaluations from training sessions. (2 points)
Review group session logs. (1 point)
DA FORM 7419-3, AUG 2007
Replaces DA Form 7419-R, OCT 2004.
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