2018 Livestock Reporting Form - Montana


2018 Livestock Reporting Form
Montana law requires all livestock owners to report the number of livestock owned as of
February 1.
What do I need to do?
, report the number of livestock you owned as of February 1.
By March 1
, pay your livestock per capita fees.
By May 31
What kind of livestock do I need to report?
See the list of livestock types in the reporting table provided.
Even if you owned just one horse and a few chickens, you still need to report. If you reported last
year, but no longer own livestock, you still need to submit a reporting form to let us know that your
livestock count is zero.
How do I report and pay?
There are two ways to report livestock. The reporting form is due March 1, 2018, with or without
payment. If you do not pay with your reporting form, you will be billed in May. Payment is due May 31.
Online at reportyourlivestock.mt.gov
Mail completed reporting form and payment to:
Login to ePass.
Montana Department of Revenue
Report your livestock.
PO Box 6169
Option to pay by e-check or credit/debit
Helena, MT 59604-6169
card (additional processing fees).
Make check payable to MT Department of Revenue.
What are livestock per capita fees used for?
Per capita fees fund Department of Livestock programs that monitor animal health, monitor and
restrict livestock imports, track animal movements, prevent and investigate livestock theft and
manage predators.
Note: Some counties have a separate fee to fund predatory animal control (PAC) for cattle and
sheep at the local government level. The cattle and sheep head counts collected by the Department
of Revenue for per capita fees are also used by the local County Treasurer’s Office for PAC fee
collection on personal property or real property tax bills.
What if I have questions?
Call us at (406) 444-6900 or Telephone Device for the Deaf - TDD at (406) 444-2830.

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