Form 613 2018 Complete Millage Reduction Fraction Computation - Michigan

Form 613 is a Michigan Department of Treasury form also known as the "Complete Millage Reduction Fraction Computation". The latest edition of the form was released in January 1, 2018 and is available for digital filing.

Download an up-to-date fillable Form 613 in PDF-format down below or look it up on the Michigan Department of Treasury Forms website.


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Michigan Department of Treasury
613 (Rev. 01-18)
L-4028 IC
2018 Complete Millage Reduction Fraction Computation
This form is issued under authority of Sections 211.34d and 211.150, M.C.L. Filing of this form is mandatory. Failure to file is punishable under Section 211.119, M.C.L.
INSTRUCTIONS: The valuations on this form are for a single county. When this valuation information has been obtained from the equalization directors of all the counties which
are included within the boundary of the intercounty fractional taxing jurisdictions listed, the 2018 millage reduction fractions can be calculated for those intercounty jurisdictions. The
valuation information required by 211.34d, MCL, is the same information needed for P.A. 5 of 1982, Section 211.24e, MCL “Truth in Taxation.” A different formula is used for Section
24e than is used for Section 34d, but the 2017 Taxable Value, 2018 Taxable Value, Taxable Value of Losses, and Taxable Value of Additions are the same quantities used in both
formulas. This form is to be filed with the State Tax Commission and with each unit of local government which has taxable property located in more than one county.
2017 Taxable Value
2018 Taxable Value
Taxable Value
Taxable Value
2018 Millage
as of 5/22/17
as of 5/29/18
of Losses
of Additions
Reduction Fraction (1)
(1) If this calculation results in a number greater than 1.0000, enter 1.0000.

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