Entitlements for Veterans Who Have No Disabilities Checklist Form - Oregon


Entitlements for Veterans who have no disabilities
(Asterisk [*] indicates letter/documentation from VA needed.)
Medical care at VA facilities—Veterans must Enroll! (VA Form 10-10EZ). When VA
provides care, VA will provide prescriptions at $7 per 30 day supply. VA cannot fill
prescriptions from private physicians.
Home Loan Guaranty. (Form 26-1880).
Plot at National Cemetery. Opening and closing of grave. Gravesite Service. Free.
Veteran License Plates—through DMV, (Veteran, Ex-POW, Purple Heart, Veterans’
Organizations, etc.)
widow or dependents
Pension for
upon death of Veteran. (Wartime service is required,
but did not have to be in combat nor overseas.) There are income limits; may include
funds for nursing home/foster home care.
Employment Division. Employment search through State Employment Office, Veterans
Outreach program--contact Veterans’ Representative for help.
Civil Service Preference, 5 points.
Veterans’ Group Life Insurance—apply within one year of discharge.
Total Disability Income Provision insurance rider may be purchased (before age 55). Provides
monthly income when veteran is totally disabled for at lease six months.
Waiver of premiums on all VA policies should veteran become totally disabled before age 65 and
remains so for at least six consecutive months.
Dental care within 90 days of discharge.
Education benefits. Must use within 10 years of discharge, (New GI Bill—must have contributed to
MGIB, some other restrictions.)
Alcohol and Drug Treatment.
Vietnam Veterans (PTSD, Agent Orange, diabetes, hepatitis) plus AO Registry.
Persian Gulf Veterans. Illness information. Persian Gulf Registry.
Medals and Awards.
Copies of discharge documents and other documents.
Entitlements for Veterans with one disability rated by the VA at 40% or more
(Disability does not have to be service-connected)
All of the previously listed plus:
Pension eligibility for Veterans with Wartime service. Veteran did NOT have to be in combat nor
Additional funds may be available for Nursing Home care, Adult
overseas. (There are income limits).
Foster Care, Assisted Living and In-home care (Aid and Attendance), up to $1575 per
month depending on income.
If receiving pension, all medical care at VA (except dental).
If receiving pension, burial allowance of $300, plot allowance of $300.
If receiving pension, prescriptions from VA, free.
Fee Basis Card. For use in community for medical expenses. (If receiving Pension with Aid and
Attendance and in a nursing home).
*Golden Access Passport. (If rated for pension).
*Fishing and Hunting License. (If rated for pension).
*Property tax exemption. (Partial) (If rated for pension).
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