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Free PDF to GIF Converter

We share all types of text and data via PDF files on a day-to-day basis. PDF documents are multi-page compilations of images, text, spreadsheets, and other data made specifically to be universally sharable and accessible across a variety of platforms, browsers, and viewing applications.

Adobe’s PDFs give users the advantage of lower file size, shareability, and universal formatting, but can often compromise image quality. This is one of the key reasons you might want to convert your PDF files into GIF format.

The Graphics Interchange Format file format — or GIF — was originally invented by Compuserve. The format is a type of bitmap image that has become widely recognized as the result of the rapid growth of the internet.

GIF files support up to 8 bits per pixel: these images have the ability to include up to 256 different colors within the 24-bit RGB color scheme. The format also supports animation. GIF implements a lossless data compression algorithm that helps reduce the size of larger files without compromising their quality.

So how do you convert a PDF file format to the GIF file format? You can use TemplateRoller’s online converting software to change your file’s format. Upload your PDF files and convert them to GIF format in one easy click.

How to Convert PDF to GIF?

Here’s how to convert PDF to GIF files with TemplateRoller’s online converting application:

  1. Upload your file to our free online PDF to GIF converter by clicking on the “Browse Files” button above. Alternatively, you can upload documents from the cloud (via OneDrive or Dropbox);
  2. Click on “Convert to GIF” and wait for your file to be processed through the system;
  3. Click on “Download” to save the GIF file to your device.
  4. Need to know how to convert PDF to GIF on Mac? These same instructions will work on both iPhone and Android devices.

TemplateRoller’s PDF to GIF converter is completely free — no registration required. Your documents are processed safely, quickly, and anonymously.

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