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Free TIFF to PDF Converter

Tagged Image File Format files — commonly known as TIFF or TIF files — are high-quality image files used mainly for printing large-scale pictures. The format is highly adaptable and fit for lossless compression and conversion into other formats. TIFF files also allow for compressing every page in a different way, if necessary.

The format is ideal for roster-type pictures that need to be detailed and high-quality for printing. TIFF files may be edited in most photo editing programs: the format can be used with layers and tags without losing depth or quality.

TIFF files are commonly used for professional artwork, newspaper images, photography, and scanned images.

Heavy and large TIFF files are ideal for physical images but are not necessarily web-friendly: pictures and previews hosted on websites must be compressed in order to not affect page loading speed and other website characteristics. Because of their size, it’s also not recommended to use TIFF files for email marketing content, banners, or graphics. Convert the files to another web-friendly format and compress them before uploading online.

How to Convert TIFF to PDF?

There are several ways to convert TIFF to PDF. The most quick and convenient way of converting your files is by using an online conversion tool. Online converters make it easy to work on your files without having to download specialized software or downloading browser extensions.

Here’s how to save TIFF as PDF online:

  1. Access our TIFF to PDF converter by clicking the “Browse Files” button and selecting a TIFF image that you would like to convert;
  2. Alternatively, you can select a TIFF file from your OneDrive or DropBox;
  3. Click on “Convert to PDF” and wait for your file to be processed;
  4. Download and save your ready PDF file.
  5. Need to know how to convert TIFF to PDF on Mac? These same instructions will work on both iPhone and Android devices.

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