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Looking for a formal letter to send along with your job application? Need to deliver valuable information to your business partner or client? Or you have to apologize for your mistakes to a person you care about?

TemplateRoller’s extensive library of Letter Templates and Samples will help you to communicate with people via traditional mail or email, create a paper trail you can later use as evidence recognized by courts and government agencies, and get your point across to protect your interests or obtain benefits you are eligible for.

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Below you can learn more about miscellaneous letter templates - find formal and personal letters appropriate for your professional surroundings in case your academic future or employment depends on this documentation or send an emotional note to your loved ones to show your appreciation and support.

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How to Write a Letter?

Once you find the category of letters you need, you can browse the samples and templates we provide. It is possible to tailor each document to suit your particular needs or simply print it out as it is and add your personal details. Every letter-writing template has instructions and guidelines you can follow to complete it correctly.

How to Address a Letter?

Without a doubt, it's pretty hard to remember everything you learned in school about how to address a formal letter. You might go years without ever needing to write more than a semi-professional email. Nevertheless, professional letter-writing is a vital skill that comes in handy for everything from apartment hunting to negotiating a raise.

To properly address any letter, you will need to refer to the recipient by their name and title (this shows that you've done your research!). The appropriate title to use when writing to a woman is "Ms." regardless of their marital status. Using "Miss" or "Mrs" is widely considered to be outdated. Use "Mr." if the recipient of your letter is male.

Use "Dr." when writing to a medical professional or someone that you know has a Ph.D. Use "Professor" when writing to a member of a university or college faculty. If there's no way for you to know the gender of the person you are writing to, make sure that you use a gender-neutral greeting and their full name (e.g., "Dear Taylor Jones.")

Include your contact information and offer the recipient of the letter to get in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns.

How to End a Letter?

Once you indicated all the important details in the main body of the document, end the letter with the last paragraph - reiterate your point of view and express hope for a prompt answer or reaction from the addressee. Add a formal closing - "Regards", "Sincerely", or "Best Wishes" - and sign your name.

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A Love Contract provides a forum for talking to employees in relationships about what is appropriate and inappropriate workplace behavior.

A gift letter is written correspondence stating that money is sent to a friend or relative is a gift. Oftentimes a gift is made towards purchasing a new home or other real estate property. This is a simple version of a gift letter.

Use this sample letter to confirm that you are making a gift of money to another individual who will use it for a mortgage.


This written statement may be prepared by a landlord, for a tenant who plans to move out and needs to show their future landlord that they should be chosen as a tenant.

Complete this template in order to provide information about a potential new member of a sorority.

The purpose of this type of letter is to describe an individual's character, and it can include information about the individual's personal traits, abilities, and experience.

This document is a written statement prepared by the physician to describe the current diagnosis of the patient and recommend treatment and medication.

This document is a sample tooth fairy letter specifically designed for a young boy. It can be used as a template for parents to write a personalized letter from the tooth fairy to their child, celebrating the loss of a tooth. The letter typically includes a congratulatory message, a small reward, and whimsical details about the tooth fairy's visit.

This type of document is a sample letter from the Tooth Fairy. It is used to create a playful and magical experience for children who have lost a tooth.

This document is a sample tooth fairy letter that parents can use to create a magical experience for their children when they lose a tooth.

This document is a letter from the Tooth Fairy to recognize a child for losing a tooth. It is a fun way to celebrate this milestone and encourage good dental hygiene habits.

This is a two-page template of a Mortgage Gift Letter. As with other letters of this kind, it notes that no repayment of this gift is expected or implied either in the form of cash or future services of the recipient.

This is a document given at the expiry of the renting period that indicates the size of the tenant's security deposit that is being refunded.

This document is a sample Easter Bunny letter. It can be used as a template for writing a letter from the Easter Bunny to children.

This is a formal statement prepared by a relative, friend, lawyer, or executor of a deceased person to inform other people about their death.

This document template is used to confirm volunteers' participation in dental or non-dental activities for various organizations.

This is a simple one-page VA/FHA/Conventional Gift Letter. It contains a reference to the Section 1010 of Title 18 of the United States Code (Department of Housing and Urban Development Transactions), which is not quoted in full.

This letter documents and confirms the auditor's acceptance of the appointment, the extent of their responsibilities, and the objective of the audit.

Use this letter to "hire" the volunteers that have indicated their desire to work on your project.

This is a typed or handwritten statement prepared by a borrower and sent to the lender to explain the circumstances that led to a payment delay and convince the lender of the necessity to sell the property at a lower price.

Use this ready-made template to inform your tenant that they will have to pay an increased amount of rent to be able to stay in the rented property.

This type of document is a template that can be used to write a letter to Santa Claus during the Christmas season. It provides a structure and format for children to communicate their wishes and Christmas greetings to Santa.

This document is a Fair Credit Reporting Act Dispute Letter. It is used to dispute any incorrect information on your credit report as per the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

A credit borrower may prepare this type of letter and send it to a creditor if the former needs to remove negative entries from their credit history.

This is a document that can be used to notify an employee that they are suspended for a certain period of time and are restricted from all working areas and premises.

This letter is written or signed in order to confirm a statement, event, or action.

This letter acts as a formal statement prepared by the person who gives somebody money or property, without expecting the recipient to pay them back or compensate them some other way.

This type of document is a sample secret Santa's letter for office workers. It provides a template and guide for writing a letter to your secret Santa recipient in an office setting.

A tenant moving to a new rental property may use this letter if they will need a letter to show they have been a reliable tenant.

Businesses may use this letter when writing contracts or agreements for parties who wish to share information with one another.

Employers may use this letter when they would like to offer a job to one of their potential hiring candidates.

This is a document that individuals can use when they are required to provide a letter for a friend that will describe their character and personality.

A Contract Termination Letter is used to terminate an existing agreement or contract between two parties. It could be an employment contract or a business transaction.

This is a document known as an Employment Contract Termination Letter and it is used by employers who want to terminate an employee.

A Business Contract Termination Letter is used to terminate an existing agreement or contract between two parties. It could be an employment contract or a business transaction.

An insurance policyholder may use and submit this letter to their insurance company with the intention of ending their insurance coverage.

This is a written statement of support prepared by an employer for their current or former employee to help the latter enroll in a medical school of their choice.

This letter is used for highlighting a medical assistant's expertise in their field to make them stand out amongst other candidates for a degree program or job.

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