Legal Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Legal Letter?

A Legal Letter is a formal document sent to the individual, entity, or government authority to establish a contractual relationship, elaborate on a specific point of view, contest official rules and regulations, or share information or access to information.

Whether you need to comment on a court case or contractual dispute, create official records of your communication with a business partner, or extend the framework of an existing agreement, a customized Legal Letter template will help you to convey your message.

Legal Letter Types

The documents below are among the most popular Legal Letters - declare your opinion with regard to a certain legal matter, agree to enter into a transaction, or challenge another person or organization's point of view.

  1. Letter of Indemnity. Traditionally prepared by a third party to the main contract - a financial institution like an insurance provider or bank - this document guarantees compensation to the non-breaching party to the agreement in case their counterpart fails to fulfill their obligations.
  2. Letter of Attestation. A Letter of Attestation can serve as evidence of a certain person's proper behavior in their personal life and professional surroundings if completed and signed by the individual who has been in contact with them for a long time.
  3. Opinion Letter. Experts in a particular field - most often, lawyers - can prepare this statement to express their perspective or share their advice regarding an issue at hand.
  4. Letter of Representation. A Letter of Representation can refer to the authorization given to a person or organization who can act on behalf of their client or the consent given by the company to the auditor who may obtain access to their private records and review all documents.
  5. Petition Letter. This document can be submitted to the government authority or entity to call them to action or request a change in their position or opinion - usually if they should reconsider their political or ethical stance.
  6. Letter of Commitment. Confirm your willingness to carry out your duties under the original agreement or show your preparedness to sign a contract in the future using this statement.
  7. Letter of Understanding. Fill out this document during the contractual negotiations to certify your intent to adhere to the terms and conditions that were previously mentioned in a verbal discussion.

How to Write a Legal Letter?

Here are some tips that apply to any Legal Letter - they will help you compose an effective statement:

  1. Since there is no uniform Legal Letter format, you are free to draft the document the way you like. However, while your goal is to impress the reader and possibly request, offer, or demand something, your tone must remain formal and professional - this letter may be used as evidence in case of a future dispute.
  2. Greet the recipient - try to find the appropriate addressee to speed up the processing of your letter and show you have done your research. Introduce yourself and add your contact details so that the recipient can reach you and ask additional questions.
  3. Present your point of view in the main body of the letter. The standard Legal Letter size does not exceed a couple of pages if you refer to other documentation. Alternatively, you may create a long letter especially if there is no contract at the moment and you are only planning to sign it. State your concerns, requests, and proposals clearly and be open to a discussion with the other party.
  4. Send the letter via certified mail to obtain a receipt - it will prove you communicated your wishes to the recipient on time.

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This letter is written or signed in order to confirm a statement, event, or action.

This document is used for sending a letter to the sheriff in Illinois to serve a summons and forms. It provides instructions and necessary information for the sheriff to properly serve the documents.

This Form is used for providing a letter of representation in Chinese language for clients in New York.

This sample can be used as a reference when an individual must use a written final request for money that is owed by a debtor.

If you are asked to defend the character of a loved one in a court proceeding, you will want to use a letter such as this to help support your case.

This letter serves as a formal binding contract between two parties. It outlines the terms and conditions of the loan and the nature of the agreement.

The primary carers of a child may prepare this type of letter to provide the child's grandparents with the permission to handle the personal and medical matters of the child while their parents or guardians are away.

These letters are written to an organization or person who has authority with a request for or against certain actions.


Use this sample template when writing a letter to the authorities or an official organization and request a certain action or measure be taken.


Use this sample template as reference when writing your own Opinion Letter.


Complete this template to confirm your consent to the terms and conditions discussed with the other party before in a verbal conversation.

This letter should accompany packages of documents in order to explain the contents of the package.

This letter is used to ensure that no harm will come to either party should either of them not be able to hold up their end of the agreement.

This is a formal demand prepared by an individual who will miss work hours because of an injury or illness caused by a road accident and sent to the person responsible.

The purpose of this type of document is to inform an individual who has made a bad check that it has been returned by a bank and to request them to make a payment as soon as possible.

This letter is usually composed by an attorney on a client's behalf and encourages the receiver to take or cease a certain action.

This is a formal document that confirms the promise of one party, an individual or an entity, not to sue another party that may be potentially considered liable.

Use this letter to request that another individual or company deletes any information about you or your business that is not true.

This type of document is a letter that addresses the situation when someone has provided false information in Manitoba, Canada. It is used to communicate the consequences or actions that may be taken as a result of this false information.

This type of document is an acknowledgment letter that confirms receipt of a notice to move out, specifically in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

Irrespective of your position in court, if there has been unsuitable behavior from your end, you will need to formally apologize to the judge using a letter such as this as a template.

This type of document is a request for notice in Washington, D.C. It is used to formally request information or updates regarding a specific matter.

This form is used for an informational letter in Virginia when an employee is not represented by counsel. It provides important information to the employee regarding their rights and responsibilities in a legal matter.

This document is an acknowledgement of a trustee in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is typically used to formally recognize the appointment of a trustee and their responsibilities.

This document provides a template for lawyers in Pennsylvania to write an advocate letter. It includes the necessary formatting and language to effectively communicate with clients or other parties involved in a legal case.

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