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This document is a form used in legal proceedings relating to a disputed claim or issue in a court case. It is specifically used to record and finalize a judgment made in an adversary proceeding.

This document is a checklist for a petitioner's brief in the state of Kentucky. It provides a way to ensure that all necessary components are included in the brief when submitting it to the court.

This document is a written argument presented by the appellant in a New York court case. It explains the appellant's position and reasons for appealing a court decision.

This document is used for responding to a counterclaim in a civil action in North Dakota. It allows the defendant to address the allegations made against them by the plaintiff.

This document is an application for the Earl Warren Solicitor General Fellowship in California. It is for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in law and wish to apply for this fellowship opportunity.

This document is used for applying for Continuing Legal Education credit for published legal writing in the state of Wisconsin.

This Form is used for filing an Appellant's Brief in the state of Illinois. It is a document that presents arguments and legal reasoning in support of an appeal.

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