Fill and Sign Business Forms and Templates

Each aspect of a business must be negotiated by members and officers responsible for the company's well-being and put in writing to make it official.

Whether you just started your business, found a new partner or customer, or looking for the correct way to part ways with a member or employee, these Business Forms will help you to handle every facet of your business life. Improve the financial health of your company, evaluate the contributions of people who work for you, and enter into contracts that will help your business make more money. See a list of free Business Templates below – you can download and customize them to suit the needs of your organization.

General Business Forms

General Business Forms represent a range of corporate business forms required for companies of all sizes and from all industries. Complete them to begin your enterprise, amend existing documentation, and improve the performance of your business. Proper documentation will help you overcome various financial mishaps, formalize every choice you make, and streamline your business operations to improve your workflow.

Starting a Business

Find out how to start your own company and which documents are crucial when you make your first steps in the world of business (read more).

Business Operations

Every business owner needs to handle current affairs, resolve issues, and think about the future operations of the organization. Utilize these Business Forms to make better decisions on behalf of your company (read more).

  1. Contracts. A business contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Understanding business contracts is an essential element of your journey as an entrepreneur.

  2. Operations. To operate a business properly, you need to plan, organize, control, and manage the resources of the company with the help of numerous documents, statements, and agreements. Click the link below to download the documents essential for the operations of any business.

  3. Internal Processes. A business process is a set of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end, typically described as the transformation of an input to an output. Strategizing your internal processes will help you grow your business and provide maximum value to your clients.


To record all financial operations your business has been a part of, you need to document every transaction with the help of ledgers, sheets, and journals. Also, with proper bookkeeping, you will see discrepancies and omissions in your documentation and prevent future mistakes some of which can be quite costly (read more).

  1. Payroll. Payroll will allow your organization to make sure every employee is paid the correct amount of wages on time.

  2. Petty Cash. Complete these petty cash forms to handle the small expenditures of your business.

  3. Accounting Records. Use these templates to create balance records in order to document all your business transactions, including electronic payments to and from your company.

  4. Accounts Payable and Receivable. These forms can be used to remind you of the Accounts Payable and Receivable, the money you owe and money owed to you, and various credit transactions. Most of these templates can be completed by individuals and entities alike.

Sales Strategy

Use these forms to monitor the performance of your salespeople, increase profits, plan how to sell new products, and learn how to take your company to the next level in terms of brand recognition (read more).


Referral Forms are completed by companies who want to recruit a person or another entity that will find a prospective client or business partner for them in exchange for remuneration for their efforts (read more).

Managing Media

If you need to monitor the performance of television and radio stations, mass media, and rising channels of social media, complete these templates to supervise their performance and find a new audience (read more).

Shareholder Forms

Complete a shareholder agreement and related forms to decide how the company will be operated, confirm the rights and obligations of shareholders, and make essential decisions for the benefit of the business (read more).

Corporation Forms

These are used to start a corporation, determine the internal procedures that apply to all members of the corporation, and outline the process of members' admission and departure (read more).

Partnership Forms

Fill out a partnership agreement and supplemental documentation to establish the rights and duties of multiple business partners and deal with internal issues your partnership faces (read more).

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Forms

These are completed to legitimize the operations of the limited liability company and create its internal documentation (read more).

Employment Forms

"Employment Forms" refers to a wide variety of documents that establish the relationship between the employer and their employees, outline procedures for vacations and leaves, and help the organization to terminate employment contracts in compliance with the law.

Hiring Employees

Using customizable templates, you will be able to discover more about potential workers, conduct an interview with them, and formalize their employment once they are chosen (read more).

  1. New Employee Forms. Forms for documenting new employees are essential in the process of hiring new staff.

  2. Job Application Forms. Job application forms are indispensable for the human resources department and individuals who want to be hired.

  3. Employee Contracts. Here you can find legally binding contracts and agreements that stipulate the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee.

HR Forms

These are prepared by the human resources department of the organization to outline the corresponding rights and responsibilities of the employer and employees and record workplace violations (read more).

Employee Performance

Use forms from this category to examine the achievements and contributions of employees and improve the effectiveness of your business (read more).

FMLA Forms

These are completed by the employee who needs to request an unpaid leave under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act for personal reasons (read more).

Employee Termination

To fire an employee who has disciplinary issues or performs poorly, human resources departments prepare termination letters to discontinue the individual's employment (read more).

Business Forms by Topic

Other various topics that relate to entrepreneurship – both individual and corporate – include the following:

  1. Provision of Services. Various service agreements outline the scope of services the service provider will render after the customer requests them. Using a service contract, you can hire a professional and describe the services you require from them. Various service agreements outline the scope of services the service provider will render after the customer requests them. Using a service contract, you can hire a professional and describe the services you require from them.
  2. Loans and Credit. Templates and forms available on our website will let your business borrow a considerable sum of money from a financial institution, reduce the existing loan, and obtain evidence of payment from the individual or entity that owes you money.
  3. Affidavits. They allow companies to confirm information that cannot be obtained otherwise – usually because an important document is missing. A person can sign an affidavit and certify that indicated events have actually occurred and certain facts are true.
  4. Budgeting. Budgeting is the process of planning, composing, and managing budgets via a variety of financial estimates that list the incomeand expenses of a single individual or a particular entity over a set period of time.
  5. Deeds. Generally utilized in the real estate industry, these documents will help you transfer the ownership of the real property from a seller to a purchaser. Browse printable Bargain and Sale Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Deeds of Trust, and more.
  6. Copyright Law. Use copyright law forms and templates to protect your exclusive right to your inventions or creations. Additionally, you can use them to transfer your interest in the original work to another party for a certain fee.
  7. Bills of Sale. These are filled out in every state to sell and buy real estate, motor vehicles, watercraft, firearms, and other valuable items. These documents provide both parties of the transaction with proof of payment and allow them to transfer ownership.
  8. Rental Forms. Whether you are a property owner, manager, or prospective tenant, you need to prepare plenty of documents before the estate can be rented. Download Rental Applications, Lease Agreements, Inspection Checklists, and more in our online library.
  9. Car Maintenance. To manage the repairs and inspections of your motor vehicles, you can download templates and checklists that will let you monitor the condition of the car. Additionally, you will be able to detail the use of the car with logs and complete an odometer disclosure when transferring the ownership of your car.
  10. Keeping Inventory. Complete and keep an inventory template if you need to have a table or spreadsheet of all items and objects you have in your office.
  11. Evaluation Forms. Common in businesses and educational institutions alike, these statements will help you to assess the performance of your employees, managers, students, and teachers.
  12. Release Forms. Whether you want to allow someone else to use your images, offer access to your medical data or employment record , these forms will let you establish the limits of this authorization and be in control of the content and information you share with third parties.
  13. Consent Forms. These forms provide another party written permission to perform an action or activity (often healthcare-related).

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This is a formal document that confirms a payment has been received for child care services.

This type of template acts as written confirmation of repayment of a sum of money for goods that have been purchased.

A parent or legal guardian may use this type of template to confirm they have received the child support they are owed by the other parent or legal guardian of the child.

This is a written document designed by a shipping company to describe a shipment and confirm the goods in question were received for subsequent shipment.

This form verifies that the tenant has received keys to a property they rent and guarantees to return them to the landlord or property manager by a certain date or when the Lease Agreement expires and the rental period is over.

This document can be used by landlords when signing on a new tenant and provides a record of the security deposit payment that needs to be made.

This is a document that can be used to record payment for the successful delivery of an item to a specific destination.

This is a document used to provide a record of a gift being donated to a charitable organization.

This document highlights the main points of the marketing project and helps promote the services of a marketing team or independent marketing specialist.

Use a Fundraising Proposal to encourage individuals and companies to give money for your non-profit organization, charity, church, or educational institution.

This document outlines the values and objectives of a project to convince the reader the program is worth their time and support.

This proposal describes and advertises the products or services of the business to a prospective customer.

This type of proposal outlines an offer to work on a particular project made by a company or an individual contractor.

This template lists the activities and strategies that a business needs to reach a certain goal and calculate the expenses that must be incurred for this purpose.

This type of template acts as a confirmation that certain goods or services were provided and paid for by the client.

An individual may use this type of template to verify that cash was received as a gift which can be useful when filing taxes.

This type of template acts as a document that keeps a note of any donations that have been gifted to a church.

This type of template is handed out to an individual after they have placed an initial fee (known as a deposit) to reserve the goods or services they wish to acquire.

This type of template is created and handed over to a client after the client has fully paid for their stay in a hotel.

This type of template is used by a supplier and is distributed to potential clients with the aim of interesting the client and securing a contract with them.

This is a document used to confirm a person or organization has paid to rent a car for a period of time.

This type of template is created when certain items or properties are donated to another party and an individual would like a receipt of the donation.

This type of template acts as a receipt that demonstrates the charges involved for parking a car, or any other vehicle in an allocated parking lot.

This type of template can be given to a vehicle owner to confirm that tow trucking services were provided and paid for in instances when a vehicle (car, motorbike, or truck) was towed.

An individual may use this legally binding document to acknowledge the fact of putting a down payment for a vehicle, prior to the full payment during the sale and purchase of a car.

This is a formal document provided to the purchaser of a vehicle to prove the payment was made in part or in full.

This type of template is produced and given to clients after they have paid for any form of services relating to having their vehicle cleaned.

A cleaning service may use this type of template to outline the scope of carpet cleaning services they have rendered and record the details of payment.

An individual or cleaning service may use this type of template to detail a financial transaction between the cleaning service and the customer, confirming the latter has paid the required amount for the cleaning services that have been provided.

This type of template refers to a formal document that confirms the payment of a sum of money the purchaser is providing upfront before paying the whole price of a certain item.

A business may use this type of template to record the fact of payment provided by the customer to the dry cleaning service.

This type of template is drafted and issued by a healthcare practice after payment for a medical invoice has gone through successfully.

A client may receive this type of receipt as confirmation that the client has paid for the services of a mechanic that was required to service their vehicle.

A client may be handed this type of document after they have paid for an oil change when servicing their motor vehicle.

This type of document is a template for creating a utility bill. It can be used to create a bill for services like electricity, water, or gas.

This type of document is created and given out by a selling party to a buying party, when an international trade has occurred and this invoice acts as confirmation of this.

This type of document is a template used by hotels to create invoices for their guests. It includes details such as room charges, additional services, and payment instructions.

This document is a template for invoicing HVAC service orders. It helps businesses in the HVAC industry create professional and organized invoices for their services.

This type of document is a blank invoice template designed to be printed in portrait orientation. It is used for creating invoices for goods or services provided by a business to a customer.

This document is a template that can be used to create an invoice for professional services. It is designed to help professionals accurately and efficiently bill their clients for the services they have provided.

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