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What Is a Job Description? 

A Job Description is an internal company document created to provide job candidates with the characterization of the main duties of the position for which they are applying or planning to apply. This document is a significant part of the job application procedure – it carries out the following functions:

  • Help applicants to figure out whether the position is suitable for them and their skill set – this is their introduction to the prospective employer;
  • Support human resources departments in optimizing the selection process so that the business receives resumes of people who are perfect for the job;
  • Allow the business to establish the goals for the employee even before the latter completes a Job Application Template.

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How Do you Define a Job Description? 

A job description can be defined as a general statement drafted by the employer or their representative within the company to establish the characteristics of a specific position. A proper job description template covers essential details of the position, its place within a company, qualifications the employer expects to see in the future employee, and a short description of the business’s organizational structure. It identifies the tasks employees will be asked to perform and mentions challenges – everyday targets and long-term achievements. 

How to Write a Job Description?

Here are some common details you should include in the description of the job:

  1. Information about the company. Briefly describe the business and mention the influence of the position on the company goals and objectives. The better you define the targets and mission of the company, the higher are the chances to find the right person for the job.
  2. Position synopsis. Provide a job summary, emphasize the duties of the potential employee and further responsibilities. You can list the duties using bullet points, and it is recommended to keep this part of the form short and concise by putting the duties into main categories.
  3. Qualifications for the position. Indicate the skills, education, and experience needed to perform the job so that candidates know right away whether they have the required skills for a particular position. Often, a position demands special licenses, registrations, and certificates. To introduce themselves to potential employers, applicants usually fill out a Resume. It is also a good idea to attach a Letter of Recommendation to add extra merit to the resume.
  4. Depending on the position, you may also include a wage structure and description of benefits and perks. It is also possible to outline the work environment and explain the physical demands of the job to avoid future misunderstandings.
  5. Call to action. When you create an advertisement for an open vacancy, you need to add your contact information, specify where candidates can send their documentation, and offer to answer any further questions.

Once you prepare one description of a job, you can use the same job description format to compose summaries for other roles within your business.

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This type of sample can be used as a summary of the main duties, activities, abilities, and qualifications of the senior company executive who oversees the daily operations of a business.

This type of sample can be used as a reference job description for a Virtual Assistant.

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