Fill and Sign Oklahoma Legal Forms

Every state has developed their own regulations dedicated to certain types of questions, and the state of Oklahoma is no exception. Most of those questions cannot be regulated the same way throughout the whole country and require a more particular approach that will take into account certain specifics of each state. State of Oklahoma Legal Forms cover a variety of topics, many of them can be found on the official websites of government authorities that have released them. However, if you want to find a full list of free Oklahoma Legal Forms in one place, please check out our library below.

Oklahoma State Departments

  1. Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry
  2. Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry Plant Industry and Consumer Services
  3. Department of Commerce
  4. Department of Consumer Credit
  5. Department of Corrections
  6. Department of Environmental Quality
  7. Department of Human Services
  8. Department of Labor
  9. Department of Libraries
  10. Department of Libraries Archives and Records Commission
  11. Department of Libraries Records Management Division
  12. Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  13. Department of Mines
  14. Department of Public Safety
  15. Department of Transportation
  16. Department of Veterans Affairs
  17. Department of Wildlife Conservation
  18. Insurance Department
  19. State Banking Department
  20. State Department of Education
  21. State Department of Health

Oklahoma State Courts

  1. Court System (all forms)
  2. District Court
  3. Supreme Court

Oklahoma State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Oklahoma Attorney General
  2. Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors
  3. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
  4. Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board
  5. Oklahoma Real Estate Commission
  6. Oklahoma Secretary of State
  7. Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector
  8. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
  9. Oklahoma Tax Commission
  10. Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission
  11. Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims

Oklahoma Legal Forms by County

  1. City of Norman Police Department

Oklahoma legal forms are released by different types of departments and commissions which present different branches of state authority. They can include the following:

  • The Oklahoma Tax Commission releases tax forms that are supposed to be used by state residents when they want to file different types of taxes, tax credits, and exemptions. In addition to these, the applications can be used to calculate taxes, request different types of tax information, submit reports, and other documents;
  • The Oklahoma Department of Mines issues and approves various types of documents that accompany the mining process, including mining permits, blasting plans, certificates, and other applications connected with mining;
  • The Oklahoma Workers Compensation Commission publishes forms that can be used by employees and their employers. With the help of these applications employees can protect their rights in different situations that have occurred in the workplace;
  • The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Food and Forestry develops applications that are supposed to be used by those individuals and entities whose primary activity includes growing different types of agriculture and farming for commercial purposes.

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This form is used for the annual renewal of certification for courtroom interpreters in Oklahoma.

This form is used for annual renewal of certification for Oklahoma Certified Shorthand Reporters in the state of Oklahoma.


This document is used for submitting an annual report of compliance for certified shorthand reporters in Oklahoma. It ensures that the reporters are meeting the necessary requirements and maintaining their certification.

This document is an application form for individuals who wish to become certified shorthand reporters in the state of Oklahoma.

This form is used for renewing or completing surveys for the EMRA (Emergency Medical Responder Association) in Oklahoma.

This document is an incident report regarding a vaccine storage incident in Oklahoma. It provides detailed information and documentation about the incident.

This document is for declaring individual income tax in Oklahoma and is specifically designed for electronic filing.

This form is used for claiming a credit for taxes paid to the state of Oklahoma on income earned and taxed in another state.

This form is used for calculating the earned income credit for Oklahoma residents. It helps determine if you are eligible for this tax credit based on your income and other factors.

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