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Convert PNG to PDF free using TemplateRoller’s user-friendly online application. Upload a PNG that you want to convert and save it in PDF format.

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Free PNG to PDF Converter

A Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file is a type of raw bitmap image. The files (often, camera photos) are incredibly big and contain every pixel. Handling files that are this big can prove to be quite the hassle. Their size can and will affect the time it takes to upload, transfer, and download a PNG image.

So why convert PNG to PDF? The first reason is the efficiency in sharing and storing PDF files. Additionally, PDFs are largely universal: they can be viewed on all electronic devices, including stationary computers and mobile devices. PDF files are also safer to use. The file can be password-protected to prevent being edited or corrupted.

Convert PNG to PDF format with TemplateRoller’s free file converter: the fastest online tool for turning PNG images into PDFs. The software will retain the quality of your original image but will save it in a considerably smaller size.

How to Convert PNG to PDF?

The most quick and convenient way of converting PNG to PDF is by using an online conversion tool. The process is accurate, simple and free — no registration required.

Here’s how to save PNG files as PDF online:

  1. Access our online converter by clicking the “Browse Files” button and selecting a PNG picture that you would like to convert;
  2. Alternatively, you can select a PNG file from your OneDrive or DropBox;
  3. Click on “Convert to PDF” and wait for your file to be processed;
  4. Download and save your ready PDF file. The compressed image will be smaller and easier to use.
  5. Need to know how to convert PNG to PDF on Mac? These same instructions will work on both iPhone and Android devices.

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