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United States Legal Forms

The United States Legal Forms available below are compiled by state and region. Our ever-growing database covers both federal and state departments as well as the latest releases by the governing bodies of the subnational administrative divisions of the United States.

The majority of forms released by the United States government are tricky to find, can be accessed upon request, or are unavailable for public access altogether. Most documents are distributed without proper filing guidelines, due dates, and mailing addresses. This can make tax returns, license applications, payroll, and many other daily tasks much harder than need be. That is why having access to a curated library of up-to-date legal forms complete with form descriptions, previews, and related documents provide a simple solution to your legal needs.

United States Federal Legal Forms

Filing taxes or working through your immigration paperwork? Looking for a specific form that is used country-wide?

Get access to hundreds of the latest Federal Legal Forms released by the departments, offices, and subdivisions of the United States Federal Government. This includes the entire scope of legal documentation released by the fifteen executive branches of the Federal Government and their many agencies along with the forms and templates released by the national para-governmental institutions, committees, and bureaus.

United States Legal Forms by State

Looking for a state-specific legal form or instructions on how to file a certain document? Select your state from the list below to browse a complete directory of forms issued by local departments, offices, and agencies. New York City and Washington D.C. have their own independent governments and administrative bodies.

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ArkansasIndianaMississippiNorth DakotaUtah
DelawareLouisianaNevadaPennsylvaniaWest Virginia
FloridaMaineNew HampshireRhode IslandWisconsin
GeorgiaMarylandNew JerseySouth CarolinaWyoming

Territories of the United States are the non-continental sub-national divisions overseen by the American government. These territories are not sovereign entities and are considered part of the United States. The five inhabited territories - American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands - have their own governments and local court systems. All forms released by these entities are available through the links below.

Browse Legal Forms by Activity

Running your day-to-day life involves dealing with a variety of legal documents. Not sure where to start? Click on a section below to get started. Get access to pre-compiled packages of forms, templates, and contracts complete with legal advice, filing guidelines, and instructions.

Depending on the topic you select, you will be directed to a curated list of templates grouped according to the area in which they are used. Not sure how to file a tax return for the first time? We’ve provided an ITIN application and a form to request an extension to file (just in case!). Looking to register a business? Select the type of business organization and get additional tips on organizing payroll and accounting. Filing a lawsuit? Select your state to get information on the currently applicable laws and regulations.

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Browse Legal Forms by Country

Looking for a legal form released by a non-U.S. agency? Our ever-growing library of international legal forms provides thousands of country-specific documents to suit your needs. Planning on investing in foreign real estate? Deciding on a new travel destination? Moving your business to a neighboring country? Select the country from the list below to review the available paperwork. Once you find the form you need, it’s yours to download, fill out, sign, and share.

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This document is used to certify the completion of the ICIP (Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan) in the state of New Mexico.

This document is used for obtaining permission to access certain information or areas in the state of New Mexico.


This document establishes an understanding between two parties in Alabama, outlining their collaboration and responsibilities.

This form is used for recording the training records of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) professionals in Wisconsin who are seeking to meet the refresher requirements for the National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) for Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs).

This form is used for applying for a new agricultural fertilizer certificate in the state of Ohio.

This form is used for requesting a waiver for direct services in the state of Iowa.

This form is used for submitting quarterly pumpout information for the Clean Vessel Act Pumpout Grant Program in Florida.

This document allows individuals in Arizona to apply for a variance from irrigation water duty or conservation requirements.

This document is an application used in Arizona to request an administrative review of conservation requirements and irrigation water duties. It is used to address any concerns or disputes related to water conservation and irrigation in the state.

This form is used for applying for financial assistance through the Financial Support Program for Indigenous Family Organizations in Quebec, Canada.

This document is used for rating and scoring grant applications for the Firearm Relinquishment Grant Program in California. It provides a framework for reviewers to evaluate and assess the applications.

This document is used for justifying the budget of the Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Program in Arkansas.

This form is used for applying for project funding for the High Risk Rural Roads (HRRR) Project in Kansas. It is part of the Department of Transportation (DOT) initiative to improve road safety in rural areas.

This document is a call for applications for the Local Safety (Hsip/Hrrr/Systemic) Program in Michigan. It provides information on how to apply for this program and obtain funding for safety improvement projects in local areas.

This document outlines the priority categories for the IHS Scholarship Program. It provides information on the eligibility criteria for different priority groups and how applicants can qualify for the scholarship.

This form is used for the Private School Choice Programs (PSCP) Auditor Fee in Wisconsin. It is a document that private schools use to apply for funding through the PSCP and pay the required auditor fee.

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