Sick Leave Templates

Are you feeling under the weather? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive collection of documents related to sick leave ensures that you can take the time you need to rest and recuperate without any worries.

Our sick leave documents are designed to assist employees in different jurisdictions and industries. From employment contracts that outline the terms and conditions of sick leave to templates and forms that make it easy to request and track sick leave, our collection has it all.

Explore our sick leave documentation to find resources like the Sick Leave Fund Contribution Form in Montana, which allows you to contribute to a fund specifically created to support employees during their sick leave. If you find yourself in need of advanced sick leave, check out the Request for Advanced Sick Leave Form in South Carolina. This form streamlines the process of requesting additional time off due to illness.

For peace officers in Texas, we have the Form SORM-80 Employee's Election Regarding Utilization of Sick and Annual Leave. This document enables peace officers to choose how they want to allocate their sick and annual leave based on their personal needs.

We also provide Doctor's Notes designed for small businesses. These notes can provide documentation for your employer, ensuring a smooth transition back to work after your sick leave is over.

Whether you're an employee or an employer, our comprehensive collection of sick leave documents has everything you need. Take advantage of our resources to ensure a seamless sick leave experience and prioritize your health and well-being.




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This form is used for acknowledging an employee's request for sick leave. It ensures that the employee and the employer are on the same page regarding the leave and confirms that the employer is aware of the employee's absence due to illness.

This document is a template for reporting absences. It helps in keeping track of employee or student absences in an organized manner. Use this form to record and document any instances of leaves or time off.

This is a document which is supposed to be filled out by a government employee in order to request time off from working duty. The application is issued by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

This Form is used for employees of Central Point School District 6 to request leave.

This form is used for requesting sick leave from your employer. It includes information about the dates and duration of the leave, as well as any supporting medical documentation that may be required.

This document is used for creating a legally binding agreement between an employer and an individual employee in Samoa. It outlines the terms and conditions of the employment relationship, including roles, responsibilities, wages, and benefits.

This document is used for requesting and recording employee leave at Cookman University.

This form is used to request an absence from school due to personal illness or illness in the family for students in the School District of Philadelphia.

This form is used for requesting sick leave from the sick leave bank at Lake County Schools.


This form is used for documenting a medical absence from work or school. It is used to provide a written record of the reason for the absence, the duration, and any necessary medical information.

This document is a Sick Vacation Deferral Form specific to the State of Delaware 403(B) Plan. It is used for deferring sick vacation days as a part of retirement savings in Delaware.

This form is used for authorizing participation in the Sick Leave Bank program in the state of Alabama.

This document is used for certifying the health care provider for an employee under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in the state of Nevada.

This form is used for documenting sick leave for employees, specifically for Gina Warning in Nevada. It is for keeping track of absences and providing necessary documentation for sick leave purposes.

This form is used for donating leave to an employee who is suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury in the state of Mississippi.

This Form is used for applying for a direct sick leave grant in the state of Montana.

If you are in need of a nanny to provide additional care for your child, this document could be of value in providing guidelines for a potential applicant.

This document provides an overview of the Municipal Sick Leave Ordinances in New Jersey. It is authored by Joseph C. O'keefe, Esq. and Allison L. Martin, Esq. from Proskauer Rose Llp. The document discusses the details and implications of these ordinances.

This legal contract is signed between a business and its employee in which the business is bound to provide the employee with work and pay them an agreed salary, while the employee is legally bound to work for the business on the terms stated in the agreement.

This form is used for claiming earned paid sick time in the state of Arizona.

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