Fill and Sign Utah Legal Forms

Utah Legal Forms encompass a variety of documents and statements people whose main place of residence is in Utah and organizations whose principal place of business is Utah can prepare to certify their legal intentions or acquire rights and responsibilities that must be confirmed by legal authorities and agencies. See a full list of free Utah Legal Forms in our library below.

Utah State Departments

  1. Department of Administrative Services
  2. Department of Agriculture and Food
  3. Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  4. Department of Commerce
  5. Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate
  6. Department of Corrections
  7. Department of Environmental Quality
  8. Department of Financial Institutions
  9. Department of Health
  10. Department of Heritage and Arts
  11. Department of Human Resource Management
  12. Department of Health and Human Services
  13. Department of Natural Resources
  14. Department of Public Safety
  15. Department of Technology Services
  16. Department of Transportation
  17. Department of Veterans and Military Affairs
  18. Department of Workforce Services
  19. Department of Workforce Services Unemployment Insurance
  20. Insurance Department

Utah State Courts

  1. Courts (all forms)
  2. United States District Court for the District of Utah

Utah State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Attorney General
  2. Labor Commission
  3. Lieutenant Governor's Office
  4. Office of the Medical Examiner
  5. Retirement Systems
  6. State Board of Education
  7. State Fire Marshal
  8. State Tax Commission

Utah Legal Forms by County

  1. Emery County Housing Authority
  2. City of Orem Business Licensing
  3. Salt Lake City Department of Airports
  4. Utah County Community Development Department
  5. Utah County Public Works Department
  6. Weber County Clerk's Office

Here are some examples of what you can do with the help of Utah State Legal Forms:

  • Submit tax returns and do it properly using our instructions and guidelines, whether you represent yourself, your relatives and dependents, or your entity;
  • Prepare employment documentation for your human resources department. HR employees need to complete numerous forms that outline the rights and responsibilities of the employer and employees, terminate employment contracts, and grant leave and vacation to workers. Job applicants can also benefit from job descriptions and applications they file before they get a job;
  • Apply for a new or duplicate certificate of title for your motor vehicle. Additionally, it is highly recommended, and sometimes even required by state laws, to complete a bill of sale when you sell or buy valuable items for a certain consideration - you can find a variety of bills of sale suitable for any kind of transaction on your website;
  • File necessary documentation for your business. If you have just set up the company or you need to obtain new permits or change essential details about your company in the public records, you can do all that using forms and applications available for Utah residents.

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This document is used for self-administered services agreements in the state of Utah. It outlines the terms and conditions for self-administering certain services.

This form is used for creating a legal agreement between two parties in Salt Lake City, Utah. It aims to establish the terms and conditions regarding the security of a specific asset or property in the agreement.

Get this official Utah Bill of Sale that allows a seller and purchaser to exchange a certain amount of money for a motor vehicle. This document is suitable for the sale or purchase of a car, motorcycle, truck, snowmobile or boat in the state.

This document is a template for a contingency fee agreement in the state of Utah. It outlines the terms and conditions for a lawyer to be paid a percentage of any recovery in a legal case.

This form is used for obtaining a sales tax surety bond in Utah. The bond serves as a guarantee that the business will pay their sales taxes.

This form is used for filing a withholding tax surety bond in the state of Utah.


This Form is used for applying for a Certificate of Sale (Repairman's Lien) in the state of Utah. It is used by repairmen to assert their lien rights on a vehicle or equipment that they have repaired or serviced.


This form is used for obtaining a certificate of sale when a self-storage lien is placed on an individual's property in Utah.

This form is used for corporations in Utah to apply for a refund of taxes from a loss carryback.

This form is used for applying to be appointed as a temporary small claims judge in Utah.

This form is used for requesting the release of protected motor vehicle information in the state of Utah.


This Form is used for notifying vehicle owners in Utah about the requirement to obtain a salvage or non-repairable title for their vehicle.

This document is used for relinquishing personalized license plates and reassigning them in the state of Utah.

This form is used for motor vehicles that were not manufactured for sale in the United States and are being registered in Utah. It is used to provide a statement of compliance with state requirements.

This document provides a pregnancy weight gain chart in pounds specifically for residents in Utah. It guides expectant mothers on healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

This form is used for collecting information from individuals in Utah for tax purposes. It helps the government determine an individual's ability to pay their taxes.

This form is used for claiming a refund of fees or sales tax paid for motor vehicles in Utah.

This form is used for claiming the Historic Preservation Tax Credit in Utah. It helps eligible individuals or businesses to receive tax credits for the rehabilitation or preservation of historic buildings or structures in the state.

This form is used for filing a fuel tax surety bond in Utah.

This form is used for individuals claiming a refund on behalf of a deceased taxpayer in the state of Utah.

This is a form that must be filled out and submitted by the owner of a vehicle to apply for a duplicate certificate of title in the state of Utah.

This document is used for reporting the movement of livestock and fish in the state of Utah. It helps monitor and track the transportation and distribution of animals to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent disease outbreaks.


This form is used for obtaining character references in Utah. It is typically used for background checks or as a means to gauge an individual's reputation and trustworthiness.

This Form is used for conducting inspections at schools in Utah to ensure compliance with education standards and regulations.

This document provides the recommended maintenance schedule for BMW motorcycles in Utah. It outlines the various maintenance tasks and intervals to ensure the proper functioning of your motorcycle.

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