Real Estate Transactions Templates

Are you planning on buying or selling a property? In the world of real estate, there are numerous documents involved in the process. These documents are crucial as they outline the terms and conditions of the real estate transactions. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or agent, having a comprehensive understanding of the paperwork is essential to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Real estate transactions encompass a wide range of legal and financial documents that are used during the buying and selling process. These documents serve as a record of the agreement between the parties involved and are often required by government agencies, financial institutions, and other stakeholders. They provide clarity on various aspects of the transaction, such as property details, purchase price, financing terms, and legal obligations.

One commonly used document in real estate transactions is the Survey Addendum to Real Estate Purchase Contract. This document is specific to Utah and outlines any survey-related information that is relevant to the property. It ensures that both the buyer and seller have accurate knowledge of the property boundaries, easements, and encroachments, providing peace of mind during the transaction.

Another important document is the IRS Form 1099-S Proceeds From Real Estate Transactions. This form is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when a property is sold or transferred. It captures information about the sale proceeds, such as the amount received and the parties involved. It is vital for reporting income and ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

When it comes to transferring ownership, Grant Deed and Bargain and Sale Deed Forms are commonly used. These forms, specific to states like Nevada and New York, respectively, legally transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. They outline the terms of the transfer and provide a clear title to the purchaser.

Additionally, there are forms like Form WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase, which is specific to Wisconsin. This form is used by buyers to make an official offer on a residential property. It includes essential details such as the purchase price, financing options, and contingencies, providing a solid framework for negotiations.

These documents, along with many others, make up the comprehensive collection of real estate transactions forms. They enable buyers, sellers, and agents to navigate the complexities of the real estate market confidently and legally. Regardless of the specific form or document needed, understanding their importance and implications is vital to ensuring a successful real estate transaction.

So, whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or a real estate professional, having the right real estate transaction forms at your disposal is crucial. Don't overlook the importance of these legal documents in safeguarding your interests and ensuring a seamless buying or selling experience.




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This Form is used for an Escrow Agreement in Missouri. It is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a financial arrangement where a third party holds funds or assets on behalf of the parties involved in a real estate transaction.

This document is a template for an Earnest Money Contract. It is used to outline the terms and conditions of a financial agreement between a buyer and a seller in a real estate transaction.

This type of document is used when someone wants to make an offer to buy a property in Orlando, Florida.

This document is used for a purchase agreement between a buyer and a seller in Southwest Iowa, as provided by the Southwest Iowa Association of Realtors.


This form is used for making amendments and changes to an offer to purchase property in the state of Wisconsin.

This form is used for making a counter offer during a real estate transaction in South Dakota.

This Form is used for collecting information related to an Earnest Money Contract in the state of Texas.

This is a fiscal form used by taxpayers that need to inform the tax organs about the financial profit they generated through transactions with real estate.

This document provides instructions for nonresidents on how to sell real estate in Rhode Island for sales that occurred on or after January 1, 2015. It outlines the specific requirements and steps that need to be followed during the sales process.

This document is used for submitting an offer and acceptance in the state of Arizona.

This Form is used for filing a statement to encumber property in California. It is typically used by individuals or businesses to establish a claim or lien on a property for unpaid debts or other obligations.

This Form is used for providing necessary disclosures to potential buyers in the state of Montana. It outlines important information about the property being sold, including any known defects or issues.

This type of document is a Disclosure Statement specific to the state of New Jersey. It provides important information and disclosures about a property or transaction within the state.

This document is used for making a request to purchase land from the Provincial Land Catalogue in Saskatchewan, Canada. It allows individuals or organizations to express their interest in acquiring specific parcels of land.

This Form is used for notifying a co-owner in Saskatchewan, Canada about their right to purchase a property.

This document is used for recording the statement of a property owner who owns property adjacent to a riparian area in North Carolina. It helps document their rights and responsibilities related to the riparian area.

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