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Need to sign PDF documents? Electronically sign a PDF with TemplateRoller’s free easy to use tool.

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Sign PDF Online

One of the most popular and well-loved types of file formats, Portable Document Format (or PDF for short), is most often used by lawyers and professionals that frequently deal with legal documents and contracts. Along with this, PDF documents do not need to be downloaded to be viewed — the files can be opened directly in any of the currently-existing browsers.

To organize a convenient document exchange process, many companies use electronic document management. This type of management helps to save time and allows individuals to instantly receive signed documents without waiting for the originals by mail. Electronic document management greatly simplifies business in many ways. You can sign an agreement with a partner from another city, remotely conclude a deal with suppliers, or quickly exchange documents with counterparties.

Now you can sign your most important documents hassle-free with a printer, scanner, or fax right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Thanks to Templateroller’s intuitive interface, you can sign PDFs online quickly and easily. You do not need to install any additional software: our online PDF signing tool runs on your system. It works well in any of the currently-existing browsers and is compatible with all operating systems and devices — no registration or installation is required.

How to Sign a PDF?

Need to know how to sign PDF files online? Here’s how to use our tool to sign your PDF documents:

  1. Drag and drop your PDF files directly from your device or manually select the files you want to sign;
  2. Additionally, you can upload PDF documents to sign from a cloud storage service by clicking on the variety of options below;
  3. Generate your signature using our easy-to-use tool. There are 3 methods of generating your signature:
    • Type it yourself in the readily available window, you may also choose the font and color of your signature;
    • Draw a signature from your name and/or initials using a mouse or touchpad;
    • Upload an image of your signature.
  4. Select where on the PDF you would like to place your signature;
  5. Once you have finished signing your documents using our tool, download the finished result to your computer or view the signed PDF files directly in your browser.
  6. For individuals that use Android or iPhone devices, Templateroller’s easy-to-use service also allows you to Sign PDF files right from your mobile device.

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