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Use our PDF-tools for free converting, compressing, merging, splitting, signing, rearranging, and editing PDFs with just a few clicks.

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Convert PDF to JPG 

Use our free online tool to convert PDF to JPG free. Extract and save pages from PDF to JPG on your device.

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Convert PDF to PNG 

Convert PDF to PNG format in just a few clicks. Batch convert PDF to PNG or save specific pages.

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Convert PDF to GIF 

An easy and free way to convert PDF to GIF online. Upload a PDF, let the file convert, and download your GIF file.

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Convert PDF to TIFF 

Looking for an easy way to convert PDF to TIFF? Upload the PDF file that you want to convert and save pages in TIFF format.

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Convert JPG to PDF 

Convert JPG to PDF files in seconds: select or drop JPG images, adjust page orientation, and save to your device.

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Convert PNG to PDF 

Convert PNG to PDF for free. Our easy and secure PNG to PDF converter is free and compatible with all browsers.

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Convert GIF to PDF 

Converting your GIF to PDF is easy with our free online tool. Safe, simple, and free - no registration required.

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Convert TIFF to PDF 

Convert TIFF to PDF quickly and conveniently. Upload a TIFF file that you want to convert and save your image in PDF format.

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Convert DOC to PDF 

Convert Word to PDF in our free online tool. Our DOC/DOCX to PDF converter is free and compatible with all browsers.

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Convert XLS to PDF 

Are you looking for an easy way to convert XLS to PDF? Drop your files into our XLS to PDF converter and save specific pages.

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Convert PPT to PDF 

Need a convenient PPT to PDF converter? Upload a PPT file, let it convert, and download your PDF file.

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Compress PDF 

Looking to compress PDF files online for free and as fast as possible? Use our online tool to compress PDF while optimizing for maximal quality and size.

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Merge PDF 

Merge PDF files for free with our online PDF merger. Our free tool allows you to combine PDF online with ease - no signup required.

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Split PDF 

Split PDF files into single pages with TemplateRoller’s free online service. You can separate PDF pages of any document regardless of its length.

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Rearrange PDF Pages 

Wondering how to organize pages in PDF files? Use our free online tool to rearrange PDF pages, sort PDF files, and delete specific parts of your document - all free of charge.

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Sign PDF 

Need to sign PDF files? Use our service to digitally sign PDF documents easily and for free.

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Make PDF Searchable 

Have a scanned PDF file and would like to create a searchable PDF? Use our free and easy-to-use service to recognize text via OCR.

Templateroller's FAQ

How to edit a PDF document online?

You can edit your PDF files through TemplateRoller’s free online PDF editor and form filler. Import files directly from your PC to get started. Our user-friendly free editor allows you to modify, edit, and sign PDF files without having to convert them to different formats or paying for specialized installable software.

Add text and numbers, remove pre-existing information, upload and paste pictures and sign your files before downloading them onto your device or sending them straight to your printer.

How to edit PDF files without Adobe Acrobat?

Using an online PDF editor makes editing PDF files simple and easy without having to subscribe to a paid service or downloading specialized software (which, in turn, often comes with its own additional in-app fees and hidden costs).

TemplateRoller’s online PDF-filing application was designed to make editing PDF documents as easy and straightforward as possible. Our online tool is browser-based and compatible with all operating systems and both PCs and mobile devices - no registration or subscription required

How to upload a PDF file for editing?

You can use the TemplateRoller uploader to open and fill out PDF documents. Select a PDF file on your computer - the document will be automatically uploaded and opened in the PDF editor.

After uploading the file, you will be able to add text, images, and shapes to your document. Edit the size and color of the added content, click “Save” to save the changes, and download your edited PDF.

Is Templateroller free?

As the most up-to-date collection of fillable legal forms, agreements, letters, and document templates on the internet everything on Templateroller is free for users to download, print, and edit as they see fit.

Is Templateroller safe?

It's safe. Templateroller was launched in 2018 and is a legitimate website maintained by a team of IT professionals and used by everyday people and business professionals to solve any possible document template needs.
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