About TemplateRoller

TemplateRoller launched in 2018 as a comprehensive and highly curated directory of tax forms, accounting documents, and legal paperwork, with a mission to make personal finance, budgeting, and payroll as fast and simple as possible.

Wasted time might be more expensive than you think. No one wants to browse tens upon hundreds of pages just to find yourself with a bunch of low-grade files and a useless subscription in tow. We believe that quality paperwork and legal tips should be available to everyone without complexity or costly fees.

As of today, TemplateRoller is a rapidly evolving library of up-to-date legal forms and templates, handpicked daily to maintain strict quality control throughout the process. The database features an extensive inventory of the latest military forms and army publications along with most personal or business-related paperwork to suit your every need. Our team curates our ever-expanding database with painstaking attention to details in order to make tax planning hassle-free and keep any personal legal needs covered.

Since the very first day, we’ve stuck to our core beliefs of excellent quality and top performance - we pride ourselves in putting your success and satisfaction before anything else.


The team at TemplateRoller is here to help - contact us if you want to find out more about the work that we do at or reach us at for business inquiries.