Free Proposal Templates

What Does “Proposal” Mean?

A Proposal is a marketing tool used to persuade the recipient to approve a certain project or implement new ideas. Whether you want to sell your goods to a new client, get the support of a donor or sponsor before a particular event, be chosen as the contractor for the project, or convince your boss to introduce new practices to the regular workflow of the business, a properly drafted Proposal will help you reach that target.

Proposal Types

  1. Business Proposal. Use this generic template to spell out the objectives of your project - you may use it to negotiate with potential business partners, vendors, or customers sharing the creative vision you have and showing them the expenses and profit they can expect upon the completion of the mutually beneficial cooperation.
  2. Budget Proposal. Draft a budget plan for your own entity or for the project you were hired to work on - list the expenses that will be incurred during a particular project or time period and explain how the company can manage its business costs and revenue efficiently.
  3. Bid Proposal. Often used in the construction industry and sent to government agencies that want to hire professionals and obtain their services, this formal Proposal template will describe the qualifications of the company and list the pricing details to let the client choose among the competitors.
  4. Fundraising Proposal Template. Whether you represent the interests of the charity fund, religious, or educational institution, you may use this document to persuade the potential donors or the leaders of your organizations in the necessity to collect money for a specific purpose - propose to host an event and invite individuals and companies that may be included to donate to your charitable cause.
  5. Sales Proposal Template. To stand out among your market competitors, you need to create a compelling sales pitch that advertises your goods - explain why the items you list in the Proposal are a better choice than the goods offered by your rivals and state the terms and conditions of the future transaction.
  6. Program Proposal Template. Usually prepared by an employee who wants to offer new ideas to their supervisor or company director, this document will allow you to suggest the implementation of your initiatives and their positive impact on the organization.
  7. Sponsorship Proposal Template. If you want to attract a new sponsor for the upcoming event or the project you have been organizing, you must show the benefits of working with you - explain the advantages of the mutual representation and gain the support of the business that will provide you with much-needed financial support.
  8. Work Proposal. An indispensable document for many freelancers, this statement will help you persuade the client to sign an agreement with you listing the benefits of this choice - you can introduce yourself, share your portfolio, and describe how your experience allows you to find the perfect solutions to the issues the Proposal recipient faces.
  9. Request for Proposal (RFP). If you represent a government agency or company that wants to purchase products or services, you can outline what you are looking for in the future business partner or vendor letting competitors send you their offers in the form of a Proposal.
  10. Marketing Proposal. In case your company conducts market research and offers advertising services to other businesses, you may fill out this template to share the details of the marketing project with the prospective customer demonstrating how your collaboration will lead to the increased revenue of their brand or organization.

How to Write an Effective Proposal?

Here are some tips that will help you to create a convincing Proposal that shows your audience you are reliable, trustworthy, and able to implement the ideas you have presented:

  1. Use a presentation tool - a slideshow that contains graphs, tables, pictures, and video clips will visualize your plans and capture the interest of the regular customer or company director you need to persuade.
  2. Know your audience and their demands - make sure you research the client or the entity in question before drafting a Proposal. You need to find out their strengths and flaws offering incentives they will not be able to refuse.
  3. Do not give out too many details in the initial Proposal - your target is to be hired by the Proposal recipient or to receive approval for your ideas; ensure you motivate them with a Proposal summary that does not exceed one or two pages and do not share your professional secrets before an agreement is signed or you get the go-ahead to proceed with your project.

What Should Be Included in a Proposal?

Here is how you may fill out a simple Proposal template:

  1. Introduce your company or yourself as an independent expert - briefly mention your educational and professional background and the skills you are prepared to offer. You must convince the Proposal recipient you will be a better fit than your market rivals.
  2. Compose a brief summary of the Proposal . Once you have determined the needs of the other party, you need to show how these challenges can be overcome - give the other party a brief overview of the solutions you have managed to find.
  3. Anticipating the objectives and questions of the audience, explain how you are going to execute a strategy . Do not divulge too many details yet be ready to share them right away if your Proposal is approved.
  4. Indicate the approximate budget of the Proposal . Find out the available and required resources, calculate the costs of the project you are proposing, and demonstrate why these expenses are necessary.
  5. Depending on your industry or the nature of the work, there may be additional terms and conditions such as confidentiality, a non-compete clause, or an obligation to obtain insurance coverage - offer these provisions to the other party.

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This document highlights the main points of the marketing project and helps promote the services of a marketing team or independent marketing specialist.

Use a Fundraising Proposal to encourage individuals and companies to give money for your non-profit organization, charity, church, or educational institution.

This document outlines the values and objectives of a project to convince the reader the program is worth their time and support.

This proposal describes and advertises the products or services of the business to a prospective customer.

This type of proposal outlines an offer to work on a particular project made by a company or an individual contractor.

This template lists the activities and strategies that a business needs to reach a certain goal and calculate the expenses that must be incurred for this purpose.

This type of template is used by a supplier and is distributed to potential clients with the aim of interesting the client and securing a contract with them.

This fifteen-page technical proposal template summarizes a project proposed by the bidder to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in Jordan.

This document provides a template for creating policy proposals in Ireland. It outlines the necessary sections and structure to effectively present and advocate for a new policy idea.

This document is a template for creating contract pricing proposals. It is used to outline the pricing details for a contract and provide a formal proposal to a client.

This document is a template for a summary that breaks down the cost or price proposal. It helps to provide a clear breakdown of the costs or prices involved in a proposal.

This document is a template for submitting a business proposal to Saulteaux Enterprises in Canada.

This document provides a template for creating a business proposal that is specific to the Community Futures Chinook organization. It includes all the necessary sections and elements needed to present a comprehensive proposal for a business venture.

This document provides a template for creating a comprehensive event proposal. It includes seven key points to cover when planning an event.

This document is used for requesting proposals from vendors or contractors for a specific project or service.

This document is a template for proposing a new food product. It provides a structure for outlining key details such as product description, target market, marketing plan, and financial projections. Use this template to effectively pitch your idea to potential investors or stakeholders.

This form is used for managing the checklist of required documents and information for business applications in Australia.

This template was created by the California State University in Northridge as a reference for scientists wishing to propose an independent research project to a funding agency.

This is a sample of an IT project proposal prepared by the University of California in Santa Cruz that covers the objectives, methods, and risks of the proposed idea.

This document is a proposal memo for an activity at Diablo Valley College. It explains the details and purpose of the proposed activity.

This document outlines the basic structure for a proposal, including key sections and elements to include. Use this template to ensure your proposal is well-organized and effective.

This document is used for submitting an event proposal and budget to the Aiga organization in Pennsylvania. It outlines the details and financial aspects of the proposed event.

This Form is used for submitting a proposal to purchase goods or services. It outlines the details of the proposed purchase and ensures that all necessary information is provided.

This document for submitting a business proposal in Canada. It is used to provide detailed information about your business idea, including its purpose, financial projections, and marketing strategies.

This document is a form used for submitting a proposal to Maritime International Solutions for Protection and Indemnity insurance.

This form is used for creating a legal offer to purchase real estate in Chicago, Illinois. It outlines the terms and conditions of the offer and serves as a formal document for initiating a real estate transaction.

This type of document is used when someone wants to make an offer to buy a property in Orlando, Florida.

This Form is used for making an official offer to purchase a real estate property. It outlines the terms and conditions of the offer, including the price, closing date, and any contingencies.

This document is a template that outlines the proposal for a video production project. It includes details such as the project scope, timeline, budget, and deliverables.

This form is used for reaching a private settlement agreement in Singapore. It provides a way for parties to resolve disputes without going to court.

This document is a template that is used to keep track of the disbursement of funds in a settlement. It helps to ensure that the correct amounts are distributed to all parties involved.

This document is a template for creating a request for proposal (RFP) to invite vendors to submit their proposals for a specific project or purchase. It outlines the requirements, specifications, and evaluation criteria for potential vendors.

This document template is used for submitting a grant proposal to the Wisconsin State Reading Association for community service projects. It helps organizations outline their plans, budget, and goals to secure funding for literacy initiatives in Wisconsin.

Use this blank project proposal template to briefly describe any idea and provide a summary of the required materials, due dates, and tasks.

This Form is used for creating a counteroffer addendum when buying or selling a property in Minnesota through Transition Realty.


This type of document is used for making a counter offer in a negotiation or agreement. It allows the recipient to propose different terms or conditions in response to an initial offer.

This document is a template that helps determine the rates for video production services. It includes various factors such as equipment, crew, editing, and post-production, to help establish fair pricing for video production services.

This document is a template for a proposal that includes the cost of materials and labor to furnish a project for ABC Company.

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