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Are you in need of a comprehensive resource to help you plan and organize your upcoming events? Look no further than our event organizer document collection. With various templates, forms, and guidance notes, we have everything you need to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully.

Our event organizer collection includes a wide range of resources designed to assist you in every step of the event planning process. From event scheduling forms to trade show planning checklists, we have templates that will help you stay organized and on track. Need to send out formal invitations? We have you covered with our formal invitation letter template. And if you're looking for guidance on creating an event management plan, our template and guidance notes from the Borough of Enfield in Greater London can provide invaluable insights.

We also offer an event survey kit template, perfect for gathering feedback and evaluating the success of your event. With our collection of event organizer documents, you can streamline your event planning and ensure that every detail is accounted for.

Don't waste time searching for individual resources online – our event organizer document collection has everything you need in one place. Simplify your event planning process and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Explore our collection today and take your event organization to the next level.




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This document provides a template for creating a comprehensive event proposal. It includes seven key points to cover when planning an event.

This document is used for submitting an event proposal and budget to the Aiga organization in Pennsylvania. It outlines the details and financial aspects of the proposed event.

This document is a template for organizing and planning events. It helps with scheduling and managing various tasks and responsibilities related to event production.

This type of document is a template that you can use to create a schedule for rehearsals. It helps you organize and plan your rehearsal sessions efficiently.

This Form is used for scheduling events at First Baptist Church.

This document is a template that outlines the details and information needed to write an effective event description. It provides guidance on what to include, such as the event title, date, time, location, and a brief summary of the event. The template can be customized to fit various types of events, such as concerts, conferences, or fundraisers.

This trade show planning checklist template, called Horizon, helps event organizers efficiently plan and manage all aspects of a trade show. It provides a step-by-step guide to ensure nothing is overlooked, from booth setup and promotional materials to logistics and staffing. Use this template to stay organized and execute a successful trade show.

This Form is used for conducting research on potential venues for events such as weddings, parties, or corporate functions.

This document template is used for keeping track of current events. It helps to organize and document important information such as date, time, location, and details of the event.

This form is used for requesting a speaker from Mnsure, the health insurance marketplace in Minnesota.

This document is used to request an event in the state of Pennsylvania. Fill out this form to provide all necessary details and submit your request for review and approval.

This form contains the terms of engagement between the event planner and the client. It allows all the parties involved in the agreement to know the inclusions of the event planner service package, which helps to avoid misunderstandings throughout the work process.

This contract can be used for many types of events, including sports events, children's birthday parties, corporate events, and anniversary celebrations.

This Form is used for applying to organize a food establishment event in the Northwest Territories in Canada. It is available in both English and French.

This document is used for requesting permission to hold an event on external property.

This document is a notice of a self-sponsored event by a qualified caterer in the state of Maine. It provides information about the event and its catering services.

This type of document is used to request an event or meeting in the state of Utah. It provides information about the purpose of the event and includes details such as date, time, and location.

This document is used to request an event in the state of Texas.

This form is used for submitting comments or event information in the state of New Mexico.

The purpose of this type of letter is to politely inform the recipient that their attendance is requested at a particular event, celebration, or another formal occasion.

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