Free Independent Contractor Agreement Templates

What Is an Independent Contractor Agreement?

An Independent Contractor Agreement represents a formal arrangement between the customer and the contractor detailing the scope of work the latter is supposed to do and setting expectations for both parties. The purpose of a general Contractor Agreement is to hire a person or organization for a limited period of time to perform a certain task or work on a project.

Alternate Name:

  • Contractor Agreement.

While there are many similarities between freelancers and contractors and you may sign a Freelance Contract when hiring a self-employed individual, consider offering an Independent Contractor Agreement to the other party if you want them to work on your premises and with your equipment, the project requires full-time occupation and they will be unable to look for other clients, and you want to discuss rates acceptable for the two of you, or even temporarily replace a full-time employee with a contractor.

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Independent Contractor Agreement Template by State

Since it is permitted to create and enforce different laws in different states, your Independent Contractor Agreement formalized in one state may not have legal force elsewhere depending on the local regulations that indicate the basics of the relationship between the client and the contractor. Below you can find a Contractor Agreement suitable for your location - choose the one for your state and customize it to your liking.

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Independent Contractor Agreement Template by Type

What Should Be Included in an Independent Contractor Agreement?

Depending on the wishes of the customer and the contractor, the agreement they sign may include different provisions and mention various positive and negative scenarios to protect the interests of both parties. However, here is what a basic Contractor Agreement contains:

  1. Document title. Mention it on top of the first page and in the first paragraph when you explain who has given their consent to sign the deal.
  2. Names and mailing addresses of the contractor and the customer. When you negotiate the terms of the contract, think about the easiest way to communicate with the other party, especially in emergency situations, and include the contact details to let each other know how to reach out to the counterpart quickly.
  3. Confirmation of the parties' intention to be bound by the conditions set in writing.
  4. List of services the contractor is hired to perform. Make sure the list is full at the moment of signing - it can be amended later by the mutual choice of the parties.
  5. Payment details. Indicate the compensation the client is paying for the aforementioned services, state the suitable payment methods, and draft a payment schedule if necessary.
  6. Work product clause. If you are hiring a professional to create something for you, they must agree the final product will be owned by the customer by the end of the project.
  7. Duration of the agreement - the start and end dates of the arrangement.
  8. Optional provisions. Since there is no uniform Contractor Agreement format, you may discuss warranty, insurance, confidentiality, and severability and add these terms to your contract. Additionally, it is possible to let the contractor sign a Subcontractor Agreement if at some point they realize they cannot finish the job without hiring assistants that assume identical rights and obligations - note that it is required to obtain the permission of the client first.

How to Terminate an Independent Contractor Agreement?

Just like a Service Contract, an Independent Contractor Agreement should include a separate clause that explains how the parties will end their professional relationship. There are several reasons to end a contract signed by the contractor and the customer:

  1. One of the parties is unable to perform their duties - for instance, if a contractor has been hospitalized, it means they cannot fulfill their obligations established in writing. In this case, opt for a unilateral termination - send a formal notice to the other party days or weeks before your contract officially ends. Note that this termination likely brings fines and penalties for the party that was not able to comply with their duties.
  2. Both signing parties agree the agreement is no longer relevant for both of you - this is the most convenient way to put an end to mutual contractual obligations and avoid disputes and disagreements.
  3. The purpose of the contract was reached which signifies the automatic termination - and the parties do not have to prepare a separate document to terminate the arrangement.

However, all these scenarios come into play when there is a termination clause in the text of the original contract. If a client and a contractor did not consider this provision during their initial negotiations, it is still necessary to arrive at a consensus to minimize financial losses for both parties - work out mutually acceptable termination conditions following the regulations of your state to avoid a lawsuit.

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This document is created for contractors who provide residential remodeling services. It includes areas for outlining the scope of work, its price, and legal terms and conditions and establishes the schedule of a construction project.

This document is used as a contractor agreement: it records the terms and conditions of a booking arrangement between an event planner (client) and the DJ that details the information pertinent to the service provided.

This form contains the terms of engagement between the event planner and the client. It allows all the parties involved in the agreement to know the inclusions of the event planner service package, which helps to avoid misunderstandings throughout the work process.


If you are in need of a nanny to provide additional care for your child, this document could be of value in providing guidelines for a potential applicant.

The care of a child is of the utmost importance so having a contract with a care provider can provide peace of mind to parents as well as financial guarantees to potential caregivers.

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Are you a martial artist looking to sell your training services? Are you an individual looking to learn more about martial arts with a personal trainer? This document clearly outlines any information you would need to know when making an arrangement.

Use this document to provide a coach (or an individual looking to be trained), with the legal means to outline an agreement. It can be useful to understand what each party promises to the other when making a contract.

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Where computer repair is concerned, it is best that the computer technician and the client understand each other. Use this contract to guarantee the repair services being offered.

Are you a decorator looking to market your services? Are you a homeowner in need of a decorator? Check out this document to see everything that is required when making a legal decorating arrangement.

If you are in need of a landscaper to provide additional care for your property, this document could be of value in providing guidelines for a potential applicant.

Is your company looking to contract a cleaner? Are you a cleaning service looking to offer your expertise? This document provides the perfect outline for cleaning services and gives guarantees to all of the involved parties.

Use this document to provide a pool service, or an individual looking to contract a pool service, with the legal means of forming a contract. This document clearly outlines any information you would need to know when making an arrangement.

Are you getting married but feel overwhelmed with the planning process? Contract the services of a wedding planner using this document to save yourself time and guarantee that special day is everything you want it to be.

Use this document to provide a public speaker with the legal means to outline an agreement with a venue. It can be useful to understand what each party promises to the other when making a contract.

Need to repaint your house but are uncertain you'll get exactly what you want? Use this document to formulate an agreement with a painter so you are able to get the exact services you desire.

This is a legal document regarding lawn care services. Use this form to guarantee the safety of your lawn and/or to provide explicit guidelines for any lawn care services you wish to work with.

This agreement covers the subcontracted services prices, payment details, and liability (including indemnity for the main contractor).

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of an arrangement agreed upon by a contractor and a customer, client, or business.

This document is signed by a property owner and a contractor that records the details of construction work to be performed on the property.

This is a legal agreement under which a service company agrees to deliver services dedicated to maintaining the heating and air-conditioning system of a building during a certain period of time.

This agreement lays out the needs of the pet, describes what is expected of the pet sitter taking care of it, and what they should do in case of an emergency.

This type of agreement acts as a contract that is formed between companies or brands and an ambassador, an influential person with a large number of followers.

This is a legal agreement between an influencer and an advertiser according to which the influencer is legally bound to promote the advertiser's goods or services, while the advertiser is legally bound to pay the influencer for their work.

This type of contract can be used to manage and set the terms for a modeling agreement.

Individuals may use this type of agreement to govern the arrangement and construction of a roof.

Using the agreement the contractor promises to carry out snow and ice removal services and in return, the snow contractor receives payment.

This type of document acts as a legally binding contract between a teacher (employee) and school (employer).

This agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of the virtual assistant and the terms of their compensation.

This is a legally binding agreement that describes the arrangement between a customer and a contractor - the latter will offer their services and receive compensation.

Use this type of contract if you know your collaboration will last for a short period of time, to detail the work to be completed and the timeline of its delivery.

If you are an Alabama resident, this type of agreement is a critical document for those individuals wanting to establish and outline in writing certain terms that are agreed upon by a customer and an independent contractor.

This is an agreement used in Alaska that outlines the terms and conditions of the working relationship between a customer and a contractor.

This type of template can be used in Arizona to detail the specific conditions and agreements between a contractor and a client.

When signing this type of agreement in Arkansas, the main function of the document ensures a guarantee that the contractor will complete a specific job and will stick to the terms stipulated in the agreement.

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