Free Design Contract Templates

What Is a Design Contract?

A Design Contract is a written legal agreement that regulates the relationship between a client and a designer. In this relationship, a client is an individual (or an entity) that requests a design project (or related services), while a designer is an individual (or an entity) that is willing to create the designated project.

Alternate Name:

  • Designer Contract;
  • Design Agreement.

The contract binds the designer to create a design project in accordance with the client’s requirements, while the client is obliged to accept the project and pay for the provided services. If the individual does not know what kind of contract will work best for their situation, they can check out Design Contract templates in our library below.

A Design Contract finalizes all of the conditions that the involved parties must follow. It includes the description of the project that the client requires, the timeline of when the project must be finished, payment details, and other types of information. The agreement must include all of the crucial descriptions and requirements for the future project (pictures, drafts, and other necessary materials), otherwise when it is time to hand over the finished work the parties might have disagreements.

Types of Design Contracts

There are different types of design contracts, the most popular types include the following:

  1. Graphic Design Contract. This type of Design Contract is supposed to be used in situations when a client wants to receive graphic design services for their business cards, logos, and other digital-art-related projects.
  2. Web Design Contract. Clients and web designers can use this formal agreement to regulate the conditions under which the web designer is supposed to create and design a website for a client.
  3. Interior Design Contract. In this document, the involved parties describe the interior design services that the interior designer is supposed to perform in the client’s residents or another location indicated by the client in the contract.

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Download this legal document to have a written record of the terms and conditions agreed upon by the designer and the client to refer to in case any disagreements ever occur.

This is a binding agreement between the client and the web designer or developer. It contains a detailed scope of work, timelines for deliverables, project phases, milestones, and payment schedules. It can also outline the distribution of work among various teams of the project.

Need to have the interior of your house redesigned but are uncertain you'll get exactly what you want? Use this document to formulate an agreement with an interior designer to get the exact results you desire.

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