Interior Design Contract Template

Interior Design Contract Template

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What Is an Interior Design Contract?

An Interior Design Contract is a legal record used to clarify the terms of an arrangement for interior design services to be performed by an interior designer at the client's residence. The purpose of this agreement is to define the scope of work, design concept, implementation and schedule of payments agreed to by both parties. This document is important for the designer and the client because it potentially resolves any disputes or liability issues.

Before realizing major interior design projects, it is recommended to draw up a contract with the assistance of a lawyer in order to legally set up the terms of a project and reduce the risk of future disputes. The contract covers details of the scope of the project, the responsibilities of the designer, and the deadlines of the work at every stage of the project, as well as the financial side of the project: estimates, fees, and any extra costs that may arise during the execution of the project.

You can use the link below to download an Interior Design Contract template or create your own document with our online form builder. Consider signing a Decorating Contract to clarify the scope, timeline, budget, and payment for any interior-decorating arrangements.


What Are Interior Design Contract Documents?

A well-detailed Interior Design Agreement must contain the following documents:

  1. The original floor plan with all detailed specifications (window height, window sills, doorways, electrical wiring, water outlets, sewage).
  2. The new plan with specifications of the work to be done: interior furnishing, color schemes, fabrics, lighting, furniture.
  3. Estimate: price, articles, names, and quantity of materials and furniture.
  4. Rendering, art visualizations, or drawings of the project.

When the interior design project is completed, the designer usually provides the following documentation:

  1. A copy of the original floor plan.
  2. Final or reconstruction plan with specifications (if the space had been reconstructed). The plan must include details about the material and size of the floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, and electrical wiring scheme (sockets, lights, and light switches) with dimensions.
  3. Photos of the completed work.

What Is the Typical Structure of an Interior Design Contract?

Try to keep your contract short and simple with easy-to-understand language and make it as clear as possible using numbering and headings. You may want to include the following clauses in your Interior Design Contract:

  1. A section for the identifying information of both parties.
  2. A section defining the scope of work. This paper should list the services and products to be provided, including the estimated dates of completion.
  3. A section for the total price and payment terms. List all amounts, the payment schedule, and design fees. You may also add interest or penalties for late payments.
  4. The schedule for the implementation of each stage of work and the distribution of the total price of work at each phase of the project.
  5. Governing law and the signatures of both parties.

If the interior designer provides any warranty, it has to be stated in the contract. This also applies to consumables, interior items that have a manufacturer's warranty and are serviced directly by the manufacturer.

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