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When it comes to legal matters, it's important to ensure that both parties involved are properly informed and notified about their rights and responsibilities. This is where the collection of documents known as "Both Parties" comes into play. Whether you're in Alaska, Hawaii, or any other region, these documents serve as a comprehensive resource for legal proceedings involving multiple parties.

Sometimes referred to as "Summons and Notice to Both Parties of Judicial Assignment" or "Asset and Debt Statement (Plaintiff, Defendant or Both Parties)", these documents are designed to provide clarity and transparency in legal matters. They ensure that everyone involved in a case is aware of the assigned judge, court dates, and any other pertinent information.

With Form CIV-100, you can easily send a Summons and Notice to Both Parties of Judicial Assignment to ensure that both parties are aware of the legal proceedings. This document is tailored to specific cities and regions, such as Palmer, Fairbanks, and Anchorage in Alaska.

In Hawaii, Form 3F-P-272 serves as an Asset and Debt Statement for either the plaintiff, defendant, or both parties. This document allows for the comprehensive disclosure of assets and debts, providing a complete financial picture for the court.

Having these documents readily available ensures that legal processes are fair, transparent, and just for all parties involved. Whether you're a plaintiff, defendant, or simply interested in understanding the legal aspects of a case, the "Both Parties" collection of documents is an invaluable resource.

Please note that the alternate names for this document collection are simply variations of the primary name, reflecting the different jurisdictions and types of documents within this collection.




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This Form is used for serving a summons and notice to both parties involved in a legal case in the City of Palmer, Alaska.

This document is used to summon and notify both parties of a judicial assignment in the City of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is a form that must be completed as part of the legal process.

This form is used to issue a summons and provide notice to both parties involved in a legal case in the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska.

This document is used in Alaska to serve as a summons and notice to both parties involved in a legal matter. It provides information about the assigned judge.

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