Lawn Care Contract Template

Lawn Care Contract Template

A Lawn Care Contract is a legal agreement between a lawn care business and its customer that establishes the details of lawn maintenance and its schedule. There is no need to hire an expensive lawyer to help you draft this contract - you can use our online form builder or simply download a Lawn Care Contract template below.

Why Sign a Lawn Care Contract?

Every contract is completed and signed to protect the interests of both parties. It will prevent misunderstandings on both parts, spell out what the customer expects from the lawn service company, and promise the contractor will be paid for the services rendered. Just like a Landscaping Contract, a Lawn Care Contract falls into the category of Construction Contracts that require a comprehensive description of services the customer pays for, so make sure to formalize the agreement as a safeguard.


How to Make a Lawn Care Contract?

A Lawn Service Contract traditionally includes the following provisions:

  1. The full legal name of the lawn care business (contractor) and its customer (client). Submit the addresses of both parties - the customer's address is the place of performance of the contractor's obligations so specify it in full detail.
  2. A description of the lawn care services that must be provided. Clearly outline them in your agreement. Usually, a standard maintenance package includes weed control, debris removal, fertilizing, plant maintenance, and pest control. You are free to discuss extra services and add them to the contract.
  3. Lawn care schedule. State the start and end dates of the agreement. List every service, indicate its frequency, and write down the cost. It is recommended to formalize these details in a pricing table and describe the preferred payment method.
  4. Obligations of the contractor. The lawn care business must provide all labor, supplies, and equipment needed to perform the services to a professional standard. The contractor is also required to have insurance and valid licenses mandatory by law to perform the services.
  5. Obligations of the client. The customer must grant permission to access the property on agreed service days. It is the client's responsibility to remove foreign objects that might hinder the lawn care business in performing its services.
  6. Termination clause. As is customary, either party may terminate the agreement at any time by sending the other party a written notice.
  7. Signatures of the parties. Once the papers are signed, the agreement becomes legally binding and will be recognized by a court of law in the case of a future dispute.

What to Look for in a Lawn Care Contract?

Before you enter into any deal, research local arborists and lawn care firms. Ask a lot of questions to find a company that has enough expertise for your yard and your situation. Make sure the firm is licensed in your municipality and examine their insurance liability certificate.

Work closely with the company representative to determine the terms and conditions of the lawn care and landscape maintenance contract. If the contractor provides its own template and you want to amend certain provisions, meet in person and negotiate them.

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