Hvac Service Contract Template

Hvac Service Contract Template

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What Is an HVAC Service Contract?

An HVAC Service Contract is a legal agreement upon which a contractor (a service company) must deliver a wide range of services dedicated to maintaining the heating and air-conditioning system of a customer during a certain period of time, while a customer must pay for the services delivered.

Alternative Names:

  • HVAC Service Agreement;
  • HVAC Maintenance Contract.

The purpose of the commercial HVAC Service Contract is to make sure that the equipment will stay in working condition and routine maintenance will be delivered to the equipment, such as cleaning, changing filters, and other preventive measures. Usually, before signing the contract, the service company schedules a checkup, when a technician evaluates the condition of the equipment.

A ready-made HVAC Service Agreement template can be downloaded through the link below. Alternatively, you can make your own agreement with our online form builder.


How to Make an HVAC Service Contract?

When making an HVAC Service Contract, in order to clarify all the terms and conditions, it is necessary to include the following information:

  1. Names of the contract parties and their addresses.
  2. The contract period. The period of time during which the maintenance services will be delivered.
  3. List of maintenance services. Usually, service companies offer packages (or plans) that include a different range of options such as, the frequency of service visits (weekly, monthly, etc.), cleaning and adjusting services, priority visits, and other options that influence the service fee. The smaller the range of options, the lower the price.
  4. Service fee. An important aspect which needs a lot of attention is how often should it be paid, what is included in the service fee and what is not, the consequences of paying late, etc.
  5. Services that are not included with maintenance under the HVAC Service Contract. Contracts that regulate routine maintenance generally do not include repair or replacement service parts. Under the agreement of both parties, this option can be included but it most certainly will lead to a rise in price. Having a list of services that are included in the contract and a list of services that are not included in the contract will help keep the contract transparent and avoid any misunderstandings.
  6. Equipment. This part of the contract describes the equipment covered by the contract and the condition of the equipment. In order to avoid any confusion, the equipment must be described thoroughly, stating the serial number, year of production, and other identifying information. If the equipment is not new, then all faults (defects) must be stated as well.
  7. Contract termination terms. Contracts can be canceled in one of three ways:
    • By mutual agreement (both sides decide to end the contract);
    • After one party provides a written 30-days notice to another party (a general rule);
    • A breach of contract occurs (one of the parties breaches the contract, the other one has the right to terminate it).
  8. Signatures. This important part of the contract shows the willingness of the parties to enter the agreement and follow it.

Signing an HVAC Service Contract ensures that all maintenance services are delivered to you by qualified technicians on terms you have agreed to. While increasing the life expectancy of the equipment, it also guarantees the contractor that their services will be in demand during an inactive period - a period of time when customers tend not to use air conditioning or use it less.

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