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Are you looking for in-person services or documents related to in-person transactions? Look no further! Our collection of documents covers a wide range of needs when it comes to in-person interactions. Whether you need to authenticate an order, submit an application, or request a document, we have you covered.

Our in-person documents include various forms and applications specific to different jurisdictions. For example, you can find an Authentication Order Form for in-person verification in Rhode Island. If you're in British Columbia, Canada, you may require a Form F88 Notice of Intention to Act in Person. Or perhaps you need to apply for a Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day in person in the County of San Diego, California, in which case there's Form CC401 for you. In Utah, you can request an MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) with the Form DLD60, and in Webb County, Texas, you can submit a Birth Certificate Application in person.

Don't waste time searching for the right documents or services - our collection of in-person documents has been meticulously organized to make your life easier. No matter where you are or what you need, we have the resources to assist you in your in-person transactions. Trust us to provide accurate and reliable information to simplify your in-person interactions.




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This form is used for placing an order for authentication services in-person in Rhode Island.

This form is used for applying for a copy of your military discharge record if you are located in San Diego County, California. You can submit the application in person or by mail.

This form is used for individuals in British Columbia, Canada who intend to act on their own behalf in a legal proceeding.

This form is used for creating a roster for early voting in person in Texas. It is available in both English and Spanish.

This document is a request for in-person professional development related to dyslexia and related disorders in the state of Mississippi.

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