Fill and Sign Rhode Island Legal Forms

Rhode Island Legal Forms are released to cover various objectives for residents of the state. Different state departments release free Rhode Island legal forms, and every completed form should be submitted at the corresponding issuing department. When filling in an application, an applicant must follow the established rules for completing it, which they may find on the form's pages. Sometimes the issuing department provides applicants with separate filing guidelines for an application.

Some templates are designed for private persons, and they need these applications to report a change of address or their income tax return. Some forms are created for businesses, and they use them to apply for a license to perform certain activities or for a tax exemption permit. For a full list of free Rhode Island Legal Forms please check out our library below.

Rhode Island State Departments

  1. Department of Administration
  2. Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals
  3. Department of Business Regulation
  4. Department of Children, Youth and Families
  5. Department of Corrections
  6. Department of Education
  7. Department of Environmental Management
  8. Department of Environmental Management Air Pollution Inventory
  9. Department of Environmental Management Organic Certification Program
  10. Department of Health
  11. Department of Human Services
  12. Department of Labor and Training
  13. Department of Public Safety
  14. Department of Revenue
  15. Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles
  16. Department of Transportation

Rhode Island State Courts

  1. Judiciary (all forms)
  2. Probate Court

Rhode Island State Agencies and Commissions

  1. New Hire Reporting Directory
  2. Secretary of State

Rhode Island Legal Forms by County

  1. City of Providence Department of Inspections and Standards
  2. City of Newport Police Department
  3. Town of West Warwick Wastewater Treatment Facility

Rhode Island State legal forms vary depending on the purpose of a template and the scope of its application:

  • Applications developed for employers and employees . You may need to fill in a form for coordination of retirement benefits or termination of worker's compensation benefits. An employer must also fill in and submit a quarterly tax and wages report. If an employer has decided to terminate their registration, they should complete and submit a corresponding report. An employee should complete a certificate of dependency status if necessary to verify their marital status and the number of dependents to calculate weekly benefits;
  • Forms created for corporations . These entities should fill in specific templates to reserve an entity name, to register its corporate name, or renew the registration of corporate name;
  • Templates, designed for motor vehicle owners . When a seller transfers a vehicle to a buyer, submit an application for a title. If an original certificate of title is lost, destroyed, or mutilated, you should complete a form to duplicate it;
  • Medical forms . If some individual wishes to implement activities as a physician assistant, they have to submit a specific application for a license.

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This form is used to grant a special limited permit to work for minors who are 14-15 years of age in Rhode Island.


This form is used for reporting shift situations in Providence, Rhode Island. It allows individuals or organizations to document and communicate important details about events or incidents that occurred during a particular shift.

This document is used for keeping a record of grease trap cleaning activities in the Town of West Warwick, Rhode Island.

This document is used in Rhode Island to provide a sworn statement asserting the repossession of a property or vehicle.

This Form is used for certifying that a voter in Rhode Island is permanently disabled or incapacitated and qualifies for automatic application for a mail ballot.


This Form is used for commissioning the deposition of a witness to a will in Rhode Island.


This form is used for placing an order for authentication services in-person in Rhode Island.

This document is for a special turkey hunt in Rhode Island specifically designed for paraplegic hunters. It provides details on the event and how paraplegic hunters can participate.


This document is an application for obtaining a Garbage Feeding License in Rhode Island. This license allows individuals or businesses to feed garbage to animals, subject to certain regulations and guidelines.


This document is for individuals or businesses in Rhode Island who want to make tax-free purchases for resale purposes. It certifies that the purchaser is eligible for sales tax exemption when buying goods for resale.

This form is used for non-profit corporations in Rhode Island to obtain a certificate of good standing. It is an affidavit confirming the corporation's compliance with state regulations.

This Form is used for reporting and withholding income tax in Rhode Island. It is used by individuals or businesses to report any amounts withheld from income payments and to remit the withheld taxes to the state.


This document is used to acknowledge the discharge of a lien in the state of Rhode Island. It is a legal form that verifies the removal of a lien on a property or asset.

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