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This document certifies that an individual does not reside in Michigan. It may be required for tax purposes or to show their nonresident status for certain benefits or privileges.

The purpose of submitting Form 851 is to report information about overpayment credits, estimated tax payments, and tax deposits, related to a common parent corporation and their subsidiary corporations.

This is a formal statement filled out by individuals that want to obtain an identification number that will confirm their identity to fiscal organizations and let them communicate with the government as taxpayers. Additionally, it may be completed to renew a number they received before.

This is a fiscal statement prepared by a person or organization to tell the government about the fiduciary arrangement that was formed with them serving as a fiduciary.

This form is used for summarizing trust income allocations and designations in Canada. It is available in both English and French.

This is a formal document that certifies a charitable donation from an individual or organization to a church and allows the donor to claim a tax deduction on their tax return.

This document provides instructions for completing the IRS Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization in Chinese. It explains how to authorize someone to access your tax information and guide you through the form filling process.

This form is used for reporting tax information for individuals or businesses in Minnesota.

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