Fill and Sign Washington Legal Forms

Washington Legal Forms contain a wide range of local and state government legal documents for business, tax, and personal needs. Included in these are resources to documents that can help you file workers’ compensation claims, requests to vacate or seal personal legal records, and many other situations where government forms are required. Most forms come with up-to-date information on how and where to submit them. You can also print these documents at home without the need for a professional tax preparer or lawyer.

To access a full list of free Washington Legal Forms please check out our library below.

Washington State Departments

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation
  3. Department of Children, Youth, and Families
  4. Department of Commerce
  5. Department of Corrections
  6. Department of Early Learning
  7. Department of Ecology
  8. Department of Enterprise Services
  9. Department of Financial Institutions
  10. Department of Fish and Wildlife
  11. Department of Health
  12. Department of Labor and Industries
  13. Department of Licensing
  14. Department of Natural Resources
  15. Department of Retirement Systems
  16. Department of Revenue
  17. Department of Revenue Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board
  18. Department of Services for the Blind
  19. Department of Social and Health Services
  20. Department of Transportation
  21. Department of Veterans Affairs
  22. Employment Security Department
  23. Military Department

Washington State Courts

  1. Courts (all forms)
  2. Superior Court

Washington State Agencies and Commissions

  1. District Court of Washington
  2. Health Care Authority
  3. Secretary of State
  4. State Business Licensing Service
  5. State Health Care Authority
  6. State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  7. State Patrol
  8. Utilities and Transportation Commission
  9. Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board

Washington Legal Forms by County

  1. Сity of Auburn City Clerk
  2. City of Auburn Community Development Department
  3. City of Bremerton Community Development
  4. City of Bremerton Department of Community Development
  5. City of Vancouver Department of Public Works
  6. City of Kirkland Finance and Administration Department
  7. City of Blaine Finance Department
  8. City of Mukilteo Finance Department
  9. City of Tacoma Finance Department
  10. City of Kenmore Northshore Fire Department
  11. Franklin County Planning and Building Department
  12. City of Mukilteo Police Department
  13. Grant County Sheriff's Office
  14. Pacific County Sheriff’s Office
  15. Kittitas County Upper District Court

By using our state of Washington legal forms library you can find help with the following information:

  • Understanding and finding the exact criteria you will need to complete each form and how to tell if you qualify. All too often these forms can have directions that sometimes feel contradictory, leaving you unsure if you are completing the correct form. With our Washington legal forms library, we list what qualifications must be met for each state and local form.
  • Simple step by step instructions you can follow along while you complete your forms. State and local forms can often contain confusing jargon that can lead to small errors that could cost you big. Our site offers simple to understand instructions so that you can feel confident when completing these forms.
  • A stress-free way to make sure your form will be delivered to the right department or inbox. We constantly update the contacts for these state and local agencies, including the physical and mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone and fax numbers of each department so that you can avoid wasting time trying to search for the information on endless government websites.

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This document is a Hold Harmless Agreement template for objects in the city right-of-way in Vancouver, Washington. This agreement helps protect the City from liability in case of any damage or injury caused by the object.

This form is used for recording information about teeth on a dental chart in Washington. It helps to track dental health and treatment.

This Form is used for applying for continued approval of educational and training programs for veterans' educational assistance in Washington.

Note: The actual description should include more details about the form and its purpose.

This form is used for recording employment history in the state of Washington. It is necessary for providing details of past work experience when applying for certain jobs or benefits.

This form is used for reporting the results of a safety test conducted on elevators in Washington state every five years. It ensures that elevators meet the necessary safety standards.

This Form is used for reporting spills or incidents in the state of Washington. It helps individuals or organizations document and report accidents, spills, or other incidents according to the relevant regulations and guidelines.

This document is for indicating the medical treatment preferences of individuals nearing the end of life in Washington state. Polst is used to document their choices regarding life-sustaining treatment.

This form is used for evaluating the range of joint motion in Washington state. It helps medical professionals measure and document the movement capabilities of patients' joints.

This type of document is used for medical certification, specifically the "Release to Return to Work Form" in Northshore, Washington. It is utilized to confirm an individual's fitness to resume work after a medical absence or injury.


This document is used for applying for a special license in the state of Washington. It is required for certain occupations or activities that require a specific type of license.


This form is used for adoptees in Washington to request their original birth certificate from the sealed adoption file.

This form is used for filing an application for L.E.P. (Labor and Industries) compensation mediation in the state of Washington.

This Form is used for reporting on the results of plugging a well in the oil and gas industry in Washington state.

This document is used for applying for interment at a veterans cemetery in Washington.

This form is used for applying for a standard business license in the City of Mukilteo, Washington. It is necessary for anyone who wants to start a business in this city.

This document is a tax report for the City of Lacey, Washington on a quarterly basis. It is used to report and pay taxes owed to the city.

This Form is used for reporting and paying the utility tax owed to the City of Blaine, Washington on a quarterly basis.

This Form is used for applying for tax deferral for high technology applications in the state of Washington.

This family tentaive monthly schedule is a plan for organizing activities and events in the state of Washington. It provides a framework for scheduling family outings, appointments, and other important events throughout the month.

This form is used for filing a claim for damages against the City of Sumner, Washington. It allows individuals to seek compensation for any harm or loss they have suffered due to the actions or negligence of the city.

This form is used to report and pay business and occupation taxes to the City of Cosmopolis, Washington.

This Form is used for reporting the purchase of stumpage in the state of Washington. It provides information about the amount, location, and terms of the purchase.


This Form is used for a Financial Declaration in Washington for all family members involved in a legal case.

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