Free Washington Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

A Washington State Bill of Sale , also known as a Sales Slip, is the general name for a series of documents completed during the sale and purchase of various types of items. A properly filled out slip signed by both parties - the seller and the buyer - becomes legal evidence of the sale that will help avoid legal issues, disagreements, and misunderstandings.

All Washington Bills of Sale are classified into four main categories:

  1. Generic. It documents the deal in all instances that do not require a specific form. You can sell and buy electronics, furniture, livestock, pets, etc. using this template;
  2. Vehicle. The main document you need to fill out when selling and buying vehicles is Form TD-420-065, Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale. The seller has to notify the State Department of Licensing (DoL) about the sale by submitting Form TD-420-062, Vehicle Report of Sale;
  3. Boat. The same bill of sale is required to record the specifics of a vessel transfer. To inform the DoL about the sale, the former owner files Form TD-420-063, Vessel Report of Sale;
  4. Firearm. Fill out this template to have documented evidence of the gun transfer from one party to another.

Does Washington State Require a Bill of Sale?

There is no legal requirement to create a bill of sale unless you need it to register the item later when you transfer the vehicle or watercraft. We, however, highly recommended you to draft this document for your records, to have proof of the deal, and to fill out tax forms in the future.

Washington State Bill of Sale Requirements

A bill of sale in Washington has to contain the following details:

  1. Identification of the parties - their full names and current addresses;
  2. A detailed description of the sold property. Specify all characteristics that will help to recognize the item in question - its make, model, type, size, color, serial number. List customizations and accessories to this section as well;
  3. Main terms of the deal - date, and location;
  4. Payment information. State the amount of money paid for the goods and the chosen method of payment;
  5. Signatures of the seller and the buyer.

It is not mandatory to add a notary seal to a bill of sale in Washington; nevertheless, you may seek the assistance of a notary public to add an extra layer of protection to your transaction. Create two original copies of the document - one for each party. You may add any provisions you deem important, like late payment, late delivery, payment in several installments, and any others. If you complete the document properly and include all necessary characteristics, it will be accepted by all government agencies and courts of law as a legally binding agreement.




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This document is used to record the transfer of various items from one party (the seller) to another (the buyer) in the state of Washington.

This form establishes the details of a transfer of ownership of guns or firearms between two private parties in Washington State.

Form TD-420-065 is a legal form designed to record the fact of purchase of a vehicle or vessel sold in the state of Washington.

This form is used for creating a legal document for the sale of a horse in the state of Washington. It includes information about the buyer, seller, and details of the horse being sold.

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