Free Sales Report Templates

What Is a Sales Report?

A Sales Report is a document that demonstrates the performance of sales executives and analyzes the current state of the sales activities within an organization. You can see how many calls and meetings you have on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, maintain records on all the new customers and deals, and improve the overall performance of the company by finding new market opportunities and methods of doing business.

Alternate Name:

  • Sales Activity Report.

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  1. A Weekly Sales Report allows businesses to measure their effectiveness on a weekly basis. It is more comprehensive than the daily report that will not allow you to see trends over time - you can calculate the weekly revenue, record the number of new customers and compare the figures to the previous week, and reward employees who performed best.
  2. A Daily Sales Report outlines details that relate to the daily progress of the company. It does not have to be long - you only need to include data that you have found during one day or shift. You can collect information daily, but only for internal records - do not make executive decisions based on the data received from just one day or one salesperson.
  3. A Monthly Sales Report is a table or spreadsheet that allows to see all of the monthly sales of the business and track wider recurring trends.

How to Write a Sales Activity Report?

Here is how you compose a Sales Report:

  1. Ask senior managers of the company or your direct supervisor about metrics and calculations they would prefer to see in your report. You might have to focus on the examination of the prior experiences or you will be asked to plan for the future using existing data.
  2. State how many new customers and leads you have had.
  3. Indicate individual contributions of each representative to see who succeeded the most and offer incentives for employees who meet and exceed their objectives.
  4. Monitor calls and meetings and calculate how quickly the team responds to calls and how much time is spent to convince a customer to buy your product.
  5. Record how many new contracts were signed and determine causes of lost deals.
  6. Analyze website traffic you have generated in a week or month, see whether there have been any changes, and figure out what led to them.
  7. Compute the chances of conversion of a customer and understand the probability of the deal closing.

Your Sales Report template can be customized to suit the needs of your company. You can add visual diagrams, tables, and spreadsheets to answer questions about various sales metrics - how close your employees are to closing their deals, where most leads come from, and which salespeople perform their duties best.

You can present the information in the form of a report and distribute it among managers and administrators of the company who determine the next steps of development or simply send this document to every employee and demonstrate strong and weak points you have discovered during analysis.

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To track your sales team's performance throughout the year, using this type of report will give you the ability to compare sales performance on a month-by-month basis.

This type of document summarizes the sales activities of a business during the week.

This type of statement is prepared to show and later analyze the performance of salespeople, learn which products are in demand, and discover new opportunities for the development and growth of the organization.

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