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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to the petroleum industry, also known as the oil and gas industry. This global sector plays a crucial role in the production, exploration, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. With a wide range of documents and regulations governing this industry, we aim to provide you with essential information and resources.

Explore our extensive collection of documents related to the petroleum industry, which includes forms, inspections, tax applications, and other important records. Whether you're an individual or a business operating in the petroleum sector, these documents will help you navigate through the complexities and ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.

From Oklahoma's OTC Form 904-3-P that provides information about petroleum-related assets to North Carolina's Form UST-27 for monthly walkthrough inspections, our documents cover a wide range of areas within the petroleum industry. Need to understand specific guidelines for automatic tank gauging in Montana? Look no further than our comprehensive collection, which includes documents like Page 5 Automatic Tank Gauging (Atg) - Montana.

For businesses operating in the petroleum industry in states like New York or New Jersey, our documents include Form PT-103 and Form PPT-20, respectively, for tax purposes. These documents provide guidelines for calculating and refunding taxes on residual petroleum products and gross receipts.

By providing a diverse range of documents from different states and territories, we aim to meet various requirements in the petroleum industry. Our collection covers documentation from the USA, Canada, and other countries, making it a valuable resource for entities operating in the petroleum sector around the world.

Stay informed and compliant with the latest guidelines and regulations in the petroleum industry. Explore our extensive collection of documents today and leverage the knowledge and resources available to you.




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This Form is used for obtaining a surety bond for petroleum related activities in the state of Minnesota.

This Form is used for reporting weekly data on oxygenate production and consumption. It helps the government track the usage of oxygenates in various industries.

This Form is used for petroleum wholesalers in Delaware to report payments made for HSCA taxed purchases. It provides instructions for filling out the form accurately.

This document is for filing a claim under the Florida Petroleum Liability Restoration Insurance Program, which provides coverage for restoration costs related to petroleum contamination in Florida.

This document explains the functionality and operation of an Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) system used in Montana. ATG systems are used to monitor the inventory levels, temperature, and other data of underground storage tanks, including those used for petroleum and other hazardous substances.

This worksheet is used to track the daily inventory of underground petroleum tanks in Nova Scotia, Canada. It helps to monitor the amount of fuel stored in these tanks on a daily basis.

This document provides information on previous pollution incidents relating to Utah's Petroleum Storage Tank Program. It covers incidents involving the storage and handling of petroleum, and the steps taken to address and prevent pollution.

This document is used for keeping a record of manual tank gauging measurements in the state of Mississippi. It helps monitor the level of fuel or other substances in tanks to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent leaks or spills.

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