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The energy sector is a vital component of any country's economy, driving growth and ensuring the availability of essential resources. This sector encompasses a wide range of documents that are crucial for the efficient management and regulation of energy resources.

Our collection of energy sector documents includes a diverse array of information and forms that are essential for various aspects of the industry. From regulatory guidelines to reporting requirements, we have you covered.

One of the documents you can find in our energy sector collection is the "Authority to Terminate a Well - Nova Scotia, Canada." This document outlines the procedures and regulations related to the termination of wells in Nova Scotia. It provides operators with the necessary guidelines to ensure compliance and environmental protection.

Another important document in our collection is the "Form EIA-820 Annual Refinery Report." This form is used to gather data from refineries across the United States and provides crucial information for energy planning and policymaking. It includes details on refinery operations, production capacities, and product flows, among other important data points.

For those operating in Louisiana's energy sector, we have the "Form PL-3 Brief of Contract for Intrastate Natural Gas." This document is essential for companies involved in intrastate natural gas trading, providing a standardized format for recording and reporting contract details, ensuring transparency and compliance.

In addition to these specific examples, our energy sector collection also includes various other documents such as the "Instructions for Form EIA-182 Domestic Crude Oil First Purchase Report" and the "Instructions for Form EIA-863 Petroleum Product Sales Identification Survey." These instructions help streamline the reporting process for crude oil purchases and petroleum product sales, respectively, ensuring accuracy and consistency in data collection.

Whether you are a regulatory authority, an industry professional, or a researcher, our energy sector documents provide valuable insights and resources to support your work. Explore our collection to access the information you need to navigate the complexities of the energy sector.




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This form is used for granting authorization for oil sand agreements in Alberta, Canada. It outlines the terms and conditions for the agreements related to oil sand extraction and development.

This document is used for reporting the results of a well deliverability test conducted in New Mexico. It provides information on the flow rate and performance of the well.

This form is used for applying to drill an oil or gas well in the state of Oregon. It is necessary to obtain this permit before starting drilling operations.

This form is used for creating a brief of contract for intrastate natural gas transactions in the state of Louisiana.

This Form is used for reporting annual fuel oil and kerosene sales. It provides instructions on how to fill out Form EIA-821.

This form is used for reporting monthly crude oil and lease condensate, and natural gas production. It provides instructions on how to fill out and submit the EIA-914 report.

This Form is used for reporting the first purchase of domestic crude oil. It provides instructions on how to accurately complete Form EIA-182.

This Form is used for collecting information on petroleum product sales. It provides instructions on how to complete the survey accurately.

This document provides guidelines for the procedural requirements for the application process for unitization in the state of Ohio. It outlines the steps and forms necessary to seek approval for the unitization of oil and gas wells.

This form is used for conducting an emergency survey to assess the current coal supply in the country.

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