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Are you looking for information about fossil fuels or the use of fossil fuels? Our website is a comprehensive resource for all things related to the exploration, extraction, production, and utilization of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, sometimes also referred to as fossil fuel energy sources, are non-renewable energy sources that are derived from the remains of ancient organic matter, such as plants and animals. They include coal, oil, and natural gas.

Our collection of documents provides valuable information on various aspects of fossil fuels, including industry regulations, tax credits, emissions reporting, and the environmental impact of fossil fuel extraction and use. Whether you are a landowner interested in leasing your property for coal extraction or an investor looking to take advantage of government incentives for renewable electricity or refined coal production, our documents will provide you with the necessary guidelines and forms to navigate the process.

Additionally, we cover topics such as shale gas and fracking, which have become increasingly significant in recent years. Documents related to these subjects address the exploration and extraction techniques, environmental concerns, and regulatory frameworks associated with these practices.

By offering a wide range of documents, we aim to be a one-stop resource for individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in or involved with fossil fuels. Our goal is to provide up-to-date and reliable information to help our users make informed decisions, meet regulatory requirements, and contribute to the sustainable and responsible use of these valuable energy resources.

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This form is used for reporting annual emissions from combustion sources in New Hampshire. It is required by the state's Department of Environmental Services.

This Form is used for conducting an annual survey to gather information on coal stocks and coal exports. It helps in monitoring the status and trends of these aspects in the coal industry.

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