Environmental Impact Templates

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to environmental impact assessment and documentation. Whether you refer to it as environmental impact, environmental impacts, or any other term, we understand the importance of evaluating and understanding the effects of human activities on our environment.

Our extensive collection of documents related to environmental impact covers various aspects and regions. For example, we have documents such as the Coastal Zone Environmental Impact Offset Matrix in Delaware, which explores the potential impact of coastal development on the fragile ecosystem. In Nevada, we offer the Certificate of Dam Construction, a document that assesses the environmental consequences of constructing dams and other water infrastructure.

If you're in South Carolina, our Section 106 Project Review Form provides a comprehensive evaluation of projects to ensure they comply with federal regulations concerning environmental impacts. Likewise, in Oregon, our Form 734-5149 Ce Classification, Determination, and Approval for No Ground Disturbance (Ngd) Projects offers valuable insights into projects that avoid ground disturbance to minimize their environmental footprint.

For those in Texas, our Form TCEQ-20964 Small Construction Site Notice: Low Potential for Erosion is a useful resource to determine and manage the risk of erosion associated with construction activities.

At Templateroller.com, we aim to provide a comprehensive collection of documents pertaining to environmental impact assessment and management. Our goal is to facilitate a better understanding of the potential consequences of human activities on our environment and to promote responsible decision-making informed by accurate information.

Please feel free to explore our catalog and utilize our documents to better understand and mitigate environmental impacts in your area.




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This document provides factual information about the environmental impact of cigarette butt waste. Learn about the negative effects on the environment caused by the disposal of cigarette butts.

This Form is used for claiming the Environmental Agricultural Equipment Tax Credit in West Virginia. It allows farmers to receive tax credits for purchasing qualifying equipment that promotes environmental conservation in agriculture.

This document is used for providing sworn statement of oil and gas production in the state of Arizona.

This form is used for completing a storage pile worksheet for the state of Missouri. It helps in assessing and documenting the storage of materials in piles.

This Form is used for completing the Hazardous Air Pollutant Worksheet in Missouri. It provides instructions on how to fill out Form 2.T, MO780-1448.

This document outlines the management plan for addressing drift-related issues in Michigan. It includes strategies and guidelines for minimizing drift and protecting the environment.

This document is a checklist that applicants need to follow in order to obtain a surface mining permit in Mississippi. It outlines the required documentation and steps involved in the permit application process.

This document is a notification for owners and operators of underground storage tanks in the state of Mississippi. It provides important information and requirements related to the storage and maintenance of these tanks.

This document is a questionnaire used for conducting an environmental assessment in the state of Montana. It helps gather information about potential environmental impacts of proposed projects or activities.

This type of document provides the results of the Climate Change Performance Index, which evaluates and ranks countries based on their efforts to mitigate climate change.

This document allows individuals or organizations in Nova Scotia, Canada, to obtain permission to drill a well. It is necessary for ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting the environment.

This form is used for granting authorization for oil sand agreements in Alberta, Canada. It outlines the terms and conditions for the agreements related to oil sand extraction and development.

This document outlines the operational plan for a mining operation in New Mexico. It includes details such as the location, process, and environmental considerations.

This document is for applying for authorization to explore bluestone in New York. It is used to obtain permission to conduct bluestone exploration activities.

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