Environmental Protection Agency Templates

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a government agency dedicated to safeguarding the environment and protecting public health. With a focus on environmental regulations and policies, the EPA ensures that industries, businesses, and individuals comply with strict standards to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote sustainable practices.

As an authoritative body responsible for overseeing various environmental concerns, the EPA produces a range of documents and forms that serve as valuable resources. These include instructions for completing EPA forms, such as the EPA Form 8700-22 Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest and the EPA Form 7610-19 New Unit Exemption. These forms play a crucial role in monitoring and regulating hazardous waste management practices, ensuring the safe disposal and transportation of hazardous materials.

In addition, the EPA provides comprehensive guidance and reporting tools, like the Form 5600-PM-BMP0488 Discharge Monitoring Report Cover Sheet in Pennsylvania. This document assists industries in accurately reporting their discharge levels and complying with water quality standards.

For individual states, the EPA collaborates with local authorities to develop state-specific documents. For example, the Instructions for Montana Hazardous Waste Generator Annual Report in Montana offers guidance to businesses on reporting their hazardous waste generation activities, helping to track and manage potentially harmful materials effectively.

By maintaining rigorous standards and continuously improving regulations, the EPA seeks to mitigate environmental risks, develop sustainable practices, and protect human health. Through the diverse range of documents they produce, including EPA forms and informational resources, the agency aims to educate and empower businesses, industries, and individuals, ensuring a cleaner environment for present and future generations.




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This form is used for certifying compliance with the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).

This document is used for tracking the transportation and disposal of hazardous waste. It is required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that hazardous waste is properly managed and disposed of.

This form is used for applying to transfer a permit or ownership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This Form is used for reporting completion details of injection wells to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It provides information on the construction, operation, and maintenance of the well.

This form is used for reporting the annual monitoring of Class II disposal/injection wells to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This Form is used for applying for a new unit exemption with the EPA. It allows businesses to seek exemption for a newly constructed unit from certain emission regulations.

This form is used for tracking the corrective actions taken in a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in Alaska. It helps to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and prevent pollution.

This document is for obtaining a surety bond in Alaska, as required under 40 CFR 280.98.

This Form is used for transferring allowances under the EPA's Clean Air Act program. It allows emitters to transfer their emission allowances to other entities.

This document is used for managing and reporting financial activity in a general account with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This Form is used for identifying sites subject to regulation under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Subtitle C.

This form is used for notifying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about a change in ownership for underground storage tanks.

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