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Where to Find Iowa Legal Forms?

Iowa Legal Forms are documents that concern diverse legal matters, whether they were composed by a lawyer or an individual who needs to acquire rights and confirm responsibilities. Our website offers its users the opportunity to utilize a variety of documents to solve numerous legal problems.

For a full list of free Iowa Legal Forms please check out our library below. You can find the recent versions of official documents issued by governmental agencies and customizable templates and sheets you are welcome to modify and print out at your convenience.

Iowa State Departments

  1. Board of Educational Examiners
  2. Board of Nursing
  3. Department for the Blind
  4. Department of Administrative Services
  5. Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
  6. Department of Commerce
  7. Department of Corrections
  8. Department of Cultural Affairs
  9. Department of Education
  10. Department of Human Rights
  11. Department of Human Services
  12. Department of Inspections and Appeals
  13. Department of Management
  14. Department of Natural Resources
  15. Department of Public Defense
  16. Department of Public Health
  17. Department of Public Safety
  18. Department of Revenue
  19. Department of Transportation
  20. Department on Aging

Iowa State Courts

  1. Judicial Branch (all forms)
  2. United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Iowa

Iowa State Agencies and Commissions

  1. Secretary of State
  2. Workforce Development

Iowa Legal Forms by County

  1. City of Des Moines Community Development Department

Here are examples of life situations you can handle with the help of the state of Iowa Legal Forms:

  • Prepare and submit tax returns . Individuals and companies alike have to file tax documentation with the Internal Revenue Service and report their income for the calendar year. Unless you fill out the documentation properly and submit it before the deadline, you might have to deal with additional penalties, especially when you represent a company. Without a recent tax return, your loan applications may not be approved;
  • Enter into a lease agreement . The property manager or owner and the prospective tenant must complete the contract that contains their rights and obligations. This way, the tenant knows they can freely use the residential or commercial property having the evidence of monthly payments, while the landlord can be sure they receive regular rent payments and the rented premises are returned to them without any damage;
  • Apply for employment using an application once you find a suitable position . You can benefit from numerous employment forms and templates if you represent a human resources department of the organization - hire new workers, provide them with perks, prepare documentation for their leave, and terminate employment contracts using ready-to-go documents - simply download them and enter information about the employee and the company;
  • Sell or purchase items to obtain proof of the transaction . You can transfer the ownership of the real estate, motor vehicles, watercraft, and firearms quickly by filling out bills of sale relevant to your particular situation. It is recommended to always have proof of any financial deal when the sold goods are valuable.

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This form is used for certifying a healthcare provider's confirmation of an employee's serious health condition under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in Iowa.


This document explains that under HIPAA, IPOST (Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment) forms can be shared with other healthcare providers when necessary.

This form is used for requesting a criminal history record check in the state of Iowa.

This form is used for conducting a pass-site inspection at homes in Fort Des Moines, Iowa. It ensures that homes meet the required standards and guidelines.

This form is used for applying for a Certificate of Authority for a nonprofit organization in the state of Iowa.

This form is used for applying for a license to operate a bail enforcement agency, private investigative agency, or private security agency in the state of Iowa.

This form is used for obtaining a Certificate of Immunization in the state of Iowa. It is required for students to provide proof of their immunization records.

This document allows residents of Des Moines, Iowa to request a search for building permits in the city's archives.


This form is used for assigning the registration of a mark in the state of Iowa. It allows for the transfer of ownership of a registered mark to another party.


This Form is used for conducting inspections of underground storage tank (UST) cathodic protection systems in the state of Iowa.


This form is used for obtaining a transaction certificate in Iowa.


This form is used for applying for an amended Certificate of Authority in the state of Iowa.


This form is used for individuals who want to apply for participation in fighter contract agreements in Iowa.

This form is used for applying for a permit to acquire a pistol or revolver in the state of Iowa.


This document is a monthly record used in Iowa to keep track of medicine consumption. It helps individuals to stay organized and maintain a record of their medication intake.

This Form is used for Iowa residents to appoint a power of attorney in Iowa. It allows the designated person to act on the individual's behalf in legal and financial matters.

This document is used for verifying a person's immunization records in the state of Iowa. It certifies that the individual has received the required vaccinations.

This document is used for applying military service towards fulfilling experience or educational requirements for licensure in Iowa.

This form is used for applying for a school license in Iowa for a minor, and requires an affidavit to be filled out.

This Form is used for reporting critical incidents related to the Iowa Medicaid program in Iowa.

This document is for livestock and poultry producers in Iowa who want to apply commercial fertilizer. It helps them state their intentions and comply with regulations from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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