Transcript Request Form Templates

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A transcript request template is a form most commonly used by students or alumni to request a transcript from their former high school, college, or university. Many institutions allow students and their representatives to order and pay for transcripts online: simply sign and mail the completed form to the appropriate school.

Transcripts and diplomas provide easier access to most employment opportunities. A transcript is the certified record of the coursework a student has completed. It includes the name of the school, the name of the student, dates attended, a list of all completed courses, a cumulative GPA, and the degree - if any. An official transcript request is vital when transferring schools, earning a scholarship, applying to your first job or a new school. Potential employers may request that you provide them a copy of your transcript, while most schools and colleges will order all required forms through their staff to verify a student’s enrollment.

When ordering transcripts, the requests must contain the same essential details about the student: their full name and any former names, their Social Security Number (SSN), the date of birth, the current mailing address to which the transcript is to be mailed, and their signature. The check, cash, or money order in the amount requested by the school must be attached to the transcript request template.