Free Time Card Templates

Time Card Templates are used to track the time spent doing a particular task. Some may be used to track daily employee shifts in an office - either by the employee themselves or by a personnel manager - and provide the option of recording check-ins, check-outs, breaks, and hours worked overtime. Others are handy for calculating the time spent by each participant of a group on a particular project. Nonprofits and community service organizations can use the form to keep track of volunteer hours or community service hours.

Alternate Name:

  • Timesheet Template.

Time Cards were traditionally used to monitor employees clocking in and clocking out by "punching in" their card into an automatic machine at the beginning and end of each shift.

Nowadays, Time Card Templates are perfect for small businesses for tracking employee attendance and calculating payroll. Employees can track their earnings while recording sick time, days off, the rate of pay, and the hours spent working. Keeping track of employee hours helps the business correctly plan quotes, track attendance, enhance engagement, and resolve any misunderstandings when comparing hourly rates to salary rates.

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