Employee Hours Templates

Are you struggling to effectively manage and track the hours worked by your employees? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of documents designed to help you streamline your employee hours tracking process. With alternate names such as "hourly employees" and "hourly employee," our documents cater specifically to businesses that have employees working on an hourly basis.

In our selection of documents, you will find templates such as the Employee Work Schedule Template - With Hours, which allows you to create a detailed schedule for your employees, including their hours worked. This template ensures that you have a clear overview of when each employee is scheduled to work, making it easier to manage their time effectively.

We understand the importance of complying with safety regulations and overtime laws. That's why we provide resources like the Safety Restraint Overtime Enforcement Stat Sheet Template and the Overtime Tracking Sheet Template. These documents enable you to accurately monitor and record any overtime hours worked by your employees, ensuring that you remain in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Additionally, our collection includes specific documents tailored to state and local requirements, such as the Time Distribution Report - Arizona and the Wage Tax Refund Petition (Salary/Hourly Employees) - City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These documents cater to the unique needs and regulations of different regions, ensuring that your business stays compliant with local laws regarding employee hours and taxation.

By utilizing our collection of employee hours documents, you can streamline your business operations, maintain compliance with labor laws, and effectively manage your employees' schedules. Don't let the complexities of tracking hourly employees overwhelm you – explore our comprehensive collection today.





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This document is a template for creating an employee work schedule, including the hours for each shift. It can be used to organize and plan employee shifts for efficient staffing.

This document is an attendance sheet template for per diem or hourly employees. It helps track the attendance and hours worked by these employees.

This document is a template for recording and tracking overtime enforcement related to safety restraints. It helps organizations monitor and enforce the use of safety restraints to ensure employee safety.

This form is used for submitting and tracking requests for overtime work that has been approved by the relevant authority.

This document is a template for tracking overtime hours worked by employees. It helps businesses keep accurate records of employee overtime and ensure compliance with labor laws. Use this template to monitor and calculate overtime pay accurately.

This document is a timesheet specific to the state of Maine. It is used to track and record the hours worked by employees in the state of Maine.

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