Employee Safety Templates

In today's fast-paced work environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is of utmost importance. At Templateroller.com, we understand the significance of employee safety and strive to create a secure and healthy work environment for our staff.

Our comprehensive employee safety program encompasses a wide range of documents and resources that are designed to protect the well-being of our employees and prevent workplace accidents. This collection of documents, often referred to as "employee safety" or by its alternate names, is a valuable tool in promoting the health and safety of our workforce.

Within this collection, you will find resources such as the Behavioral Risk Assessment Template, which allows us to identify potential risks and implement measures to mitigate them. The Safety Suggestions Form encourages employees to actively participate in safety initiatives, providing a platform for them to offer valuable input and recommendations.

Additionally, our employee safety documents include Health & Safety Notifications specific to Iowa, ensuring compliance with regional regulations and keeping employees informed about potential hazards. Instructions for OSHA Form 300 and 300A in Iowa are also part of our comprehensive collection, enabling us to accurately document and report workplace injuries or illnesses as required by law.

To further prioritize employee well-being, we have included the Employee Daily Health Self-Screening Form, as used by the City of Sterling, Colorado. This document empowers employees to monitor their health and report any symptoms or concerns which may impact their work environment.

At Templateroller.com, we recognize that when it comes to employee safety, prevention is key. By leveraging the resources provided in our employee safety documents, we are committed to creating a culture of safety, where individuals feel supported, informed, and protected while carrying out their daily tasks.




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This Form is used for certifying hazard assessments in the state of Hawaii. It is filled out to ensure that hazards in the workplace are identified and properly addressed to maintain a safe working environment.

This form is used for reporting and tracking injuries. It helps keep records of workplace accidents and injuries for further analysis and improvement of safety measures.

This document is used for reporting accidents and documenting the details of the incident. It helps gather important information necessary for insurance claims and legal purposes.

This document is for managing and tracking the inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) in a spreadsheet template. It helps businesses or organizations keep track of their PPE stock and ensure they have an adequate supply for their employees.

This document is used to acknowledge completion of safety training.

This form is used for making safety suggestions to improve workplace safety.

This document is a Workplace Security Checklist Template that can be used to assess the security measures and protocols in place at a workplace. It covers various areas such as access control, emergency preparedness, and physical security measures to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

This Form is used for conducting a comprehensive review of employee safety in the workplace. It helps to identify potential hazards and ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect employees.

This document is a template for recording and tracking overtime enforcement related to safety restraints. It helps organizations monitor and enforce the use of safety restraints to ensure employee safety.

This type of document is used for employees in Hawaii to report incidents of workplace violence to the Human Resources Department.

This Form is used for reporting employee injuries or illnesses that occur in the state of Michigan. It helps employers comply with state regulations and keep a record of workplace incidents.

This form is used for requesting on-site consultation from the Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) Unit in New Jersey.

This document is a worksheet used in Georgia (United States) to conduct a Job Hazard Analysis. It helps identify potential hazards in a specific job or work task and develop strategies to mitigate those risks.

This document provides notifications related to health and safety regulations in the state of Iowa, outlining important guidelines and requirements to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

This Form is used for conducting an accident investigation by the supervisor in Hawaii. It helps in documenting and analyzing the details of workplace accidents.

This Form is used for employee symptom screening in non-healthcare workplaces in Illinois. It helps to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

This document is a Health and Safety Assessment specific to the state of Iowa. It is used to evaluate and ensure the safety measures are being followed in various organizations and industries in Iowa.

This form is used for reporting exposure incidents in the construction industry in Ontario, Canada. Employers are required to fill out this form to report incidents where workers may have been exposed to hazardous substances or conditions.

This form is used for reporting bloodborne pathogen exposure incidents in Oklahoma. It is an attachment to form MSRM140125.02.

This type of letter can be used as a reference to report employee-related incidents.

This document is an ODFW Confined Space Entry Permit for the state of Oregon. It is used to ensure the safety of individuals entering confined spaces.

This form is used for obtaining a health and safety certification for in-person arguments. It ensures that proper measures and protocols are followed to protect the health and safety of individuals participating in the argument.

This type of document provides instructions for filling out OSHA Form 300 and 300A specifically for Iowa. It guides employers on how to report work-related injuries and illnesses in accordance with OSHA regulations.

This document provides health recommendations for employees in the state of Iowa. It includes information on maintaining a healthy work environment and promoting employee well-being.

This document is used for reporting incidents of violent or threatening behavior in Montana.

A company or an individual may use this type of template to help structure a Safety Metting Agenda for their own purposes.

This document provides health and safety guidelines for the reopening of casino operations in Indiana. It outlines the measures that need to be taken to ensure the safety of employees and customers and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This document provides a notice to railroad employees involved in rail equipment accidents/incidents caused by human factors, informing them of their involvement and the actions that will be taken.

This document is used for evaluating the medical fitness of individuals to wear respirators. It helps assess if an individual is physically capable of using a respirator without health risks.

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